Sorry Mrs. Carter

[Credit: News N Music]
[Credit: News N Music]
It’s elevator music Beyoncé doesn’t want to hear. Jay-Z’s alleged mistress, model/rapper Oliva McFallar, released a new song entitled “Sorry Mrs. Carter.”

The song not only jabs at Beyoncé, but also apologizes. For what? Well, that remains unclear.

Liv insists that Jay-Z’s philanthropic nature makes Beyoncé look like a ‘passive’ wife. She also claim’s the Rock Nation leader was in pursuit of her.

“I was gonna respect you, but since you crossed over into my lane, it’s time to check you,” Liv opens up saying. “Your man? He likes all natural, flawless model chicks, like me.”

She justified that although her and Jay developed a relationship, the two never had sexual intercourse. So was this just a cry for attention?

[Credit: Fame Television]
[Credit: Fame Television]
Quickly she redirects the song from Hov to Beyoncé as she attempts to tell her story of Hov’s infidelity attempt.

As the song ends she questions whether or not Beyoncé is actually a good role model for young women.

“It’s time to tell these young girls some real sh**,” she says. “Tell them how you became a wife. You out here telling them how to surf board. Come on now. Surf boards? You’re a married woman.”

This isn’t the first time Liv has made claims of Jay-Z showing interest. Things just got a little more interesting in the Beyoncé, Jay-Z divorce ordeal. Last month, it was reported Beyoncé and Jay-Z will separate once they wrap up their ongoing On The Run Tour.

Yes the song was entertaining, but a desperate way to gain relevance.

Click below to watch the video:

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