Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

[Credit: Style Blazer]
[Credit: Style Blazer]
By Sydney B.

As the fall approaches, its time to switch from summer drab to fall fab! The fashion focus this fall will be western fashions, cozy knits, over-size coats, a resurgence of 60s fashions, and trendy sneakers. So let’s get started…

[Credit: Getty Images]
[Credit: Getty Images]
1. Getty  up cowboy! Or should I say cowgirl? A chic all black ensemble topped with a super cute cowboy hat will really give you that edgy look you’ve been looking for. So bring on the rodeo and show off your best Western look.

2. It’s a sock for your neck, better known as a turtleneck. Now I’m sure you’re probably already turned off by the fact that it’s a turtleneck, but no worries! Designers have made these extreme turtlenecks a lot more trendy to match your needs. Not to mention the fact that they keep you warm. With there being so many styles it’s almost impossible for anyone not to find the right one just for them.

3.  The larger the coat the warmer you’ll be. If this past winter taught me anything, it’s to simply bundle up. Over-sized coats are becoming so much more trendy. To save a little extra money when buying one try shopping at the outlet stores. This is a perfect time to find a nice heavy duty coat at a reasonable price. This fall/winter they’ll definitely come in handy when you’re trying to hide those few extra pounds. The bigger the coat the better!

[Credit: Getty Images]
[Credit: Getty Images]
4. A blast from the past is what I like to call this trend. Mini skirts, knee-high boots, and retro accessories are making a statement this season. Let’s cal it yesteryear because the 60s are swinging back in major way. A mini skirt paired with a sassy bodysuit and a pair of chic knee-high boots will surely have you turning heads when you walk-by.

5. Finally, ladies you can finally give your feet a break from those six-inch pumps and switch to the comfy sneakers. I don’t know how you ladies did it with wearing heels almost everyday, but kudos to you.

[Credit: Getty Images]
[Credit: Getty Images]
 Lucky for your feet, designers have declared sneakers the footwear of the season. Make sure they’re trendy and compliment your outfit well.

Well that’s all I have for you today! Here’s a great fashion quote that I would like to leave you with: Oscar de la Renta said, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable, style is more about being yourself.”


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