Iggy Azela and Nick Young Are ‘Forever Young’

[Credit: Forever 21]
[Credit: Forever 21]
You know her as the rapper behind your favorite songs, but Iggy Azela is prepared to take the fashion world by storm.

The “Fancy” star signed a deal with Wilhelmina Models and landed her first national campaign, alongside her LA Lakers star boyfriend Nick Young, for Forever 21. While we find it challenging to take a simple picture with our boyfriend’s, it seemed that Azelea and Young too found it a little troubling at first.

[Credit: Instagram @thenewclassic]
[Credit: Instagram @thenewclassic]
“As the hours rolled by I think Nick started to realize photoshoots are hard work too,” Azalea tells PEOPLE. “It was funny watching him have that revelation!”

While Hustle Gang’s first lady found humor in watching him work, Nick seemed pleased learning from his model/rapper girlfriend. “It was real cool. We had great chemistry,” he says.

And although the more experienced model admits that she still gets a little nervous in front of the camera her love had no problem with posing for the camera.

“Nothing [was hard], I’m Swaggy! It comes natural!” he says.

Check out the ad on Forever 21 and tell us what you think!


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