Ciara’s Peaceful Birthday Weekend

[Credit: @ciara]
[Credit: @ciara]
Happy Birthday CC!

It’s been an epic weekend for the singer/songwriter, and she has much to celebrate! On October 25th, Ciara turned 29!

Ciara decided to spend her birthday in peace with family calling her day “Perfect Birthday Fun.” She and best friend, LaLa Anthony, got together for some family time at the Central Park Zoo accompanied by their sons, Future Jr. and Kiyan.

“This year I wanted to have a super chill birthday. Me and my bestie @LaLa took our sons to the Central Park Zoo. It was so much fun. #sometimethesimplestthingsarethebestfun #perfectbirthday,” Ciara wrote on Instagram.

[Credit: Instagram @ciara]
[Credit: Instagram @ciara]
Although the fashionista may not have much to wish for on her 29th birthday she certainly has much to celebrate especially after giving birth to her bundle of joy, in May 2014! Since then Ciara has proven that there is nothing that she can’t do! Working hand in hand with Givenchy designer, Ricardo Tisci, the “Evolution” singer has certainly had a style evolution as well within this past year!

Earlier this month, Ciara shared some hot pictures of herself sporting her Calvin Klein underwear, which is only four months after just giving birth! Go CC! She’s proving that weight loss is possible especially after just giving birth.

Speaking of Baby Future, it’s he who is her true inspiration! He is her source of strength especially throughout her rocky romance with his father and her former finance’ Future. Lately, the couple has seemed to be doing well with keeping their family together for the sake of their son.

Ciara’s night concluded with a nice family dinner where both friends and family gathered to serenade her with many birthday wishes. How cute!

Happy Birthday again, CC!

[Credit: Instagram @ciara]
[Credit: Instagram @ciara]

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