Kendall Jenner Featured In Vogue Magazine

[Credit: Perez Hilton]
[Credit: Perez Hilton]
By Sydney B.

Kendall Jenner is all about going big or going home! This Kardashian sister is bringing her own flare and fame to the Kardashian name.

The 19-year-old model, recently made headlines after announcing her lucrative beauty contract with Estee Lauder. Now she’s gone a step further with not just a one page, but a 13-page spread in Vogue’s December issue. For a new up and coming model, like herself, thirteen pages is a major deal, especially when you’re posing for Vogue!

[Credit: Estee Lauder]
[Credit: Estee Lauder]
Can you imagine what’s next to come for her? Maybe a feature in Forbes calling her the youngest highest paid supermodel!

The spread features Kendall posing in front of a gray backdrop, wearing mostly red and black clothing. Vogue has been following Kendall throughout her modeling journey, and it seems that they’ve taken a liking to the beauty.

I’m just happy to see her modeling with keeping her clothes on. Kudos to you Kendal, we can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

[Credit: Perez Hilton]
[Credit: Perez Hilton]

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