Tyga Cancels A Club Appearance Over Kylie Jenner

[Credit: E Online]
[Credit: E Online]
By Sydney B.

What’s done in the dark will always come to the light!

Slowly, but surely as the days go by Tyga has been proving the alleged dating rumors,  about him and Kylie Jenner, to be true.

On Sunday, the Hookah rapper was a no call no show for his pre-birthday appearance at Greystone Manor, in West Hollywood, all because the club denied his request of letting underage Kylie in the door.

Sources confirm the 25-year-old rapper called several times throughout the day, begging and pleading with promoters to change their minds on the law and admit 17-year-old Kylie. It was also revealed that Tyga even pushed  his arrival time back to 1:30 am as he negotiated her entry.

Tyga, let’s just real, if you want to enjoy a good night clubbing with a lady of your choice then by all means, but please make sure she’s of legal age! Come to think of it, where was Kris Jenner when this hasty decision was made?

Because promoters stayed firm in their decision, Tyga bailed at the last minute! His absence really ticked off Ciroc, the sponsor of the event, and now they’re desperately trying to reschedule. Something tells me this won’t be settled any time soon!

Maybe they’ll consider trying again in four year!

Do you feel that Tyga needs to get a grip or do you support his decision with bailing at the last minute?

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