Wendy Williams Has Her Own Story To Tell About Bill Cosby

[Credit: Runrap]
[Credit: Run Rap]
By Sydney B.

Wendy Williams seems to have a lot more to talk about this week than just the Aaliyah movie. The talk show host recently revealed some mind-blowing information about America’s favorite dad, Bill Cosby. In-spite of the recent sexual assault allegations against Cosby, the information revealed may have you questioning whether the allegations are true.

During her talk show, the producer mentioned her dear friend, Janice Dickinson’s recent confession about Bill Cosby.

On Tuesday, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the model claimed that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1982 after a dinner in Lake Tahoe where Cosby was performing.

After showing the confession, Wendy announced to viewers, that she had a confession of her own and it’s regarding rape allegations against Bill from back in 1990.

[Credit: Next Stories]
[Credit: Next Stories]
Allegedly the doctor tried to end her radio hosting career with 98.7 Kiss, after she “dished the dirt,” and read comments he made regarding sexual allegations against him in The National Enquirer.

Wendy says, after reading the response on-air, her general manger received a call from Cosby, demanding that she be fired!

“My own boss turned on me like a wild pit bull, called me in his office in the middle of… the morning broadcast and Cosby is on the speaker phone. Cosby dressed me down and called me everything but a daughter of God.”

Wow! This was only her personal run in with Cosby, and its unbelievable.

How do you feel about everything going on in the media with Bill Cosby? Tell us below.

Watch the confession below, it’ll appear right at the 12 minute mark

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