Beyonce Dedicates New Single To Her Mom

[Credit: Pop Crush]
[Credit: Pop Crush]
By Sydney B.

The most alluring thing about a woman is her confidence.

Beyonce is well-known for empowering women through her chart topping hits, and well she’s done it again! This time she gotten more personal and thats because it’s all about her mother, Tina.

Beyonce’s new self entitled platinum edition album features her new single titled “Ring Off.” The song begins with Beyonce directly addressing Tina and sympathizing with the insecurities and pain she suffered during and after her marriage with Mathew Knowles.

It wasn’t to long before that moment of sadness turned into a moment of encouragement as she praises her mother. The iconic singer glorifies her decision of finally taking that ring off and finding happiness again.

The songs with an uplifting exert from Tina’s inspirational speech. Queen Bey’s debut album is expected to release this Tuesday.

Listen to “Ring Off” here:


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