Detroit’s Female Rappers On The Rise

[Credit: Street Gangs]
[Credit: Street Gangs]
By Sydney B.

Detroit is known for giving birth to electronic, also known as techno, music, and of course the Motown sound. The City’s music history is unlike any other found in any city around world. Unfortunately, its music can’t be labeled by a particular sound or genre, instead it is identified by the raw talent and innovation from within.

It’s home to many well-known mainstream artist such as Eminem, Big Sean, Madonna, Slum Village, Kid Rock, Danny Brown, Angel Haze, and many more. Many of these artist have helped raise and develop Detroit’s underground music scene and current sound.

Right behind these big name artist, comes many underground female artist who have made a name for them self in the business!

Outside of the raw talent that we hear from Male artist, the females have been preparing for domination. On that list of harbored female artist is Dej Loaf, Kash Doll, Detroit Che, and many more.

[Credit: The Urban Buzz]
[Credit: The Urban Buzz]
Dej Loaf recently charmed her way into a record deal with Columbia Records, and since then she’s taken the nation by storm. With her hit single “Try Me,” her overnight success came as a surprise to many. Loaf even earned herself a live televised interview on BET’s 106 & Park with Bow Wow, where she showed the world what Detroit fashion really looks like.

Does the name Mae Day sound familiar? In 2008 she debuted her album, Somethings Gotta Give, where she touched the hearts of many with her reflections on trying to succeed in the Motor City. The album features her hit single “BABwhy” which caught the attention of hip-hop legends MC Lyte and MC Serch. In 2009, Mae Day dropped her second album, Cherish The Day, and in 2012, she released an album she calls her “baby, heart and soul,” Love and War: All Ain’t Fair. Lately she’s had her full with more than just music as she paints her way around the town as a sketch artist.

[Credit: Twicsy]
[Credit: Twicsy]
Kash Doll took a different approach, using her skills in entertainment to find her calling in rapping, acting, and modeling. The fashionable Doll formally introduced herself with the release of her G-mix to Tinashe’s “2 On.” She soon followed that with originals “From The Back” featuring Jwan, and “Old Freak,” featuring IceWear Vezzo. Among other well-known Detroit names, Kash Doll recently made her debut on a big screen in the Detroit Film, “2 Eleven.” Kash Doll is currently working on her newest project Kream, which is supposed to be fire so I’m excited to hear!

This next artist considers herself to be one of the most slept on female rappers. She recently won the Real Detroit Weekly’s 2014 “Best Female Hip-Hop Artist” award. Miz Korona made a name for herself through Detroit’s legendary Hip-Hop shop. You may remember her as Vanessa in the 2008 film, “8 Mile,” starring Eminem.  Korona is also a founding member of the D’s Women in Hip-Hop collective. Currently she’s working on her forthcoming project, the most slept on, Sealy Posturepedic. In 2015, expect to see Miz Korona in France filming a documentary on international hip-hop, and in April she will follow that with a 3-week tour in Norway.

[Credit: Johnny Nunez | BET | Getty Images]
[Credit: Johnny Nunez | BET | Getty Images]
Detroit Che is another name that rings a bell in the D. Che nationally repped Detroit as she wowed audiences during her televised debut in BET’s 2014 Cypher. Che used her lyrics to speak on social justice as she referenced Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Renisha McBride. After winning BET’s Sprite Hot 16, she and many big named artist like Mila J, Retro Tha Kid, and Luke James were featured in the networks 2014 Black College Tour. Be on the lookout for Che’s upcoming EP, Before The Storm.

Along with these females comes many more female rappers making their mark around the city. Slowly, but surely our city is making a come back one aspect at a time. We’ll keep up with these ladies and continue to bring you the latest.

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