Wiz Khalifa Leaves Little To The Imagination | Amber Rose Wants A Piece


[Credit: Instagram @mistercap]
[Credit: Instagram @mistercap]
By Sydney B.

Never be afraid to be sexy!

Wiz Khalifa left little to the imagination as he bared his tatted up body on Instagram. Following in the footsteps of Kim K.,  the Taylor Gang leader found his own way to break the internet.

The picture captures Wiz posing naked in the shower as he doused himself in champaign while holding his genitals. The “Work Hard, Play Hard” rapper captioned the pic:

“No shower til 4pm”

Now if this tantalizing pic didn’t make you want a piece of Wiz, I know who it did make want him!

[Credit: WBLK]
[Credit: WBLK]
Amber Rose had the internet roaring soon after her ex-hubby to be posted the pic.

The model wasn’t so subtle about showing her gratitude for the alluring sight he posted for us to see.

Does this mean the bald beauty may be rethinking the divorce?

I hope so! These two were so adorable and the amount of fun they had just gave us so much life.



[Credit: Instagram @mistercap]
[Credit: Instagram @mistercap]

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