Kim Kardashian Taught Kylie Jenner How To Go From ‘Good Girl To Ghetto’

[Credit: Jason Merritt | Getty Images]
[Credit: Jason Merritt | Getty Images]
By Sydney B.

Fans blast Kim Kardashian and her baby sister, Kylie Jenner after Kimmie posted an unfavored text, from Kylie where she claims that Kim taught her how to go from a “good girl to ghetto.”

If there’s anything the Kardashian / Jenner clan knows how to do, it’s how to make the internet roar.  Allegedly the youngest member of the clan sent Kim a birthday text where she praised Kim for how great of a sister she is especially after teaching her how to go from that sweet little Kylie to Kylie J. from the block.

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
I’m confused how do you turn from good girl to ghetto? What does that even mean? More importantly, how is Kim an expert in something like this?

Soon after Kimmie Cakes posted the photo on Instagram, viewers quickly let her and her sister have it.

Check out what people had to say in response:

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
What do you think about Kylie’s statement?

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