Kim Kardashian Humiliated After Kanye Bails On Another Family Trip

[Credit: ABC News]
[Credit: ABC News]
By Sydney B

Could you imagine what Christmas with the West’s would be like?

Maybe not – especially with Kimmie Cakes and Kanye constantly into it about the lack of time Kanye spends at home with his family.

Well, it seems that Kanye has once again found a way to publicly humiliate Kim after he bailed on a family day this weekend due to work commitments, and boy was Kimmie furious. reports that the couple took their beautiful bundle of joy, North, out to see Disney On Ice at LA’s Staple Center on Sunday, but their moment of bonding was merely momentary.

“Kanye bailed after thirty minutes because he had work commitments, including finishing work on the upcoming documentary about his Yeezus concert tour,” a source told Radar. “Kim was absolutely furious with Kanye for leaving after only such a short time.”

I guess this is the price you pay after becoming Mrs. West, huh? Is it really that hard for Kanye to set aside time for his family?

“Kim was embarrassed by Kanye’s actions,” the source continued. “Luckily, she had friends there to support her, and tried to keep the focus on North. In the end, Kim ended up leaving before the show ended too, because she was in a bad mood.”

Kim was ok with Kanye not showing up for thanksgiving so maybe Kanye feels that it’s ok to skip out on family time. Sources tell Radar “They have been fighting non-stop about Kanye’s priorities — which don’t seem to place emphasis on spending time with her.”

Truth be told, will they even make it to their one year anniversary? If they do, will Kanye even be in attendance for it?

Now although, Kanye may seem like the bad guy in their marriage Kim has her own set of skeletons in her closet as well. Kim was reportedly MIA while Kanye attended a family reunion this weekend in Delaware.

With Christmas only a few days away I hope these two end their year on a positive note. Plus no one likes an absent father so hopefully he understands that his money will never be able to priceless moments that he’ll get to spend with his daughter.

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