Buzz of the Day: Fight Breaks Out At Wal-Mart

Walmart at 8500 Golf Road, NIles. PhotoPat Krochmal
[Credit: College Council]
By Sydney B.

SECURITY! Clean up in aisle 1 please.

You have to follow your heart and if it happens to lead you to Wal-Mart then so be it.

Well, it seemed that the hearts of these two ladies lead them to Wal-Mart at the wrong time. Why? Well out of nowhere they just begin fighting.

It’s not clear as to why these two Indiana women started fighting in the shampoo aisle, but it’s very evident that one of the ladies may not be teaching her son what to do when he see’s someone close to him fighting. As the fight begins the 6-year-old child is seen not only pouring shampoo on the woman’s head, but also kicking and punching the woman in the face.

This little boy needs his tail handed to him, and where in the world was security!

Check out the video below:

Onlookers were heard in the background bantering over whether or not the young boy should join and defend his mom.

BUT…as they argued and called out that help is on the way why didn’t anyone try to break it up. Instead of calling it “white trash at it’s finest,” why didn’t anyone put forth the effort to try and defuse the situation. Don’t let me get started on the actions of the 6-year-old.

Are you really teaching your son that it’s ok to hit women? Just a little honey in your tea for you to think about!

What’s your take on this incident?

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