The Difference In Virgin Hair Origins

By Taylor Winter (Beauty Blogger)


Virgin Hair Extensions is unprocessed hair, hair that has not been chemically altered.

Many people buy virgin hair and do not know where it came from, or what the difference

is between Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian. If you would like to learn about the

difference of these origins and how to properly maintain your virgin locks, read more below!


All Virgin hair should be soft, minimal shedding and can be dyed.

When washing, use a sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner. Shampoo twice and

co-wash (shampoo hair with conditioner) once a week. Weft Sealant like Fray Check

reduces the amount of hair shedding from your extensions. Use heat on your extensions no

more than three times a month and always use a heat protectant. Your bundles should

range from light to dark brown and make sure your wefts are in-tact to insure your hair

will not shed too much.


Brazilian Hair is known to blend the best with African American

hair because of its thick texture. Brazilian ranges from straight,

which is really a slight wave, curly with loose curls and loose wave. Brazilian

hair often times holds a curl longer than other origins due to its thickness. If you are a

4b/4c hair texture (for my naturals) I definitely recommend this texture.

This origin is usually the cheapest of types in comparison to other hair.


Peruvian Hair is my favorite because I love silky straight hair.

If you have 4a hair this will be perfect for you because of its

super soft and shiny exterior. Whether companies actually

get this hair from Peru is a mystery to me, but this origin has always left me satisfied.

This origin is very light weight and blends great with smoother, less thick (texture wise) hair.

This origin is in the middle price wise, cheaper than Malaysian, more expensive than Brazilian.


Malaysian hair is said to start off silky and end up more natural after

a few washes. Too much oil and spray can make the hair appear too shiny

and fake looking. Malaysian is softer than Indian hair and curls last for

days. Malaysian is usually the most expensive out of all origins because

it has full body and is said to have the best texture. If you’re really trying

to go hard, Malaysian is your girl, but like I said, this is the most expensive origin.

If not taken care of correctly, this hair can dry out faster than the others, so make

sure you know how to take care of your virgin hair before racking out 600+ for your bundles.

Some of the top hair companies that I recommend based off of experience and

from what I’ve heard are as follows:

Blossom Bundles, IWearGlam, HerHairCompany

SnobLife , Beyond Beautiful Hair  , Hair Are Us

Yasi Luxury Hair  , Bombshelllyfe  & Got Virgin 

If you have any great hair companies that sell quality

hair for a great price feel free to comment below! To see reviews & demos on

hair up-keep with Blossom Bundles & IWearGlam check out my

YouTube Channel TaylorWinter


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