Gay Book Causes North Carolina Teacher To Resign

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
By Sydney B.

Life Gets Better Together!

A North Carolina teacher has resigned after receiving major backlash for reading a gay book to his third grade class. Teacher Omar Currie and Principal Meg Goodhand of Efland-Cheeks Elementary School have respectfully resigned over controversy after Currie read a gay fairytale to his third grade class.

[Credit: Bustle]
[Credit: Bustle]
After one of Currie’s students reported being called gay, in a degrading manner, and teased because he supposedly “acts like a girl,” he read the children’s book King and King. This fictional tale tells the story of two young princes who fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately for Currie, after reading this book he nor Goodhand could no longer live happily ever after at the school they’d come to love.

“I’m so disappointed,” Currie tells reporters.

Meg Goodhand reported she explained to Currie that a list of all book read my be sent out to the parents, and after that list was sent out things went downhill from there.

Although the book had been previously approved by a student review committee, parent Brandy Davis along with other parents, filed formal complaints about the book. Davis even took her objection a step further by filing for an appeal of the book with the school review committee.

Underneath all of the darkness and negativity Currie has endured, he has in fact had five interviews, not to mention a few of the positions were for Durham Public Schools. Durham is currently the eighth largest school district in North Carolina.

“It’s nice to be told by administrators that my actions were correct,” he said.

Despite the fact that Currie has chosen not to continue his teaching career in the Efland Community he confirms that he will indeed become involved in their various tutoring and mentoring programs.

Was Omar Currie and Meg Goodhand wrong for walking away from the Efland Community?

[Credit: Bustle]


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