Come Again: Vogue Says North West Inspired Natural Hair

[Credit: Mstarz]
[Credit: Mstarz]
By Sydney B.

I think someone may have slipped and bumped their head if they thought that North West was the inspiration behind natural hair.

Vogue Magazine sure did a number with this one!

In their recent issue, the magazine featured Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West’s beautiful baby girl North West calling her the inspiration behind natural hair.

“The awe these baby hairs inspired in the fashion world was rivaled by another very famous set of curls: the scraped-back and artfully sculpted tendrils of mini It girl North West,” Vogue says.

The magazine also claims that her family has built her to be “a kind of hair icon for a nascent and diverse generation of tots rocking their natural curls with unprecedented flair.”

Did Vogue have it all wrong?

[Credit: Genius]
[Credit: Genius]
Well maybe…of course her curls are always bouncy, beautiful, and edgy to match her fly, but calling her a natural hair inspiration I would have to object!

Since we’re talking about babies, take a look a Baby Blue, she’s been rocking the natural hair look since she was born. We all know she has because at one point she was trending all over social media because of her hair…can you say true inspiration?

Whether she’s dressed in something comfortable or in a fancy dress, Blue Ivy has been scoring tens across the board as she flaunts her natural hair.

But how do you choose a baby over generations of women who’ve really been making a staple in the natural hair industry?

Since the issue released Vogue has received many disapproving comments from many fans and readers:

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]

Who do you think is a perfect candidate to be the face of the natural hair campaign?




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