Blast-A-Thon: Tyga’s Secret Transgender Lover

[Credit: Bossip]
[Credit: Bossip]
By Sydney B.

Always remember…what’s done in the dark will always come to the light!

Since the dawn of Caitlyn (Caitlyn Jenner that is) it seems that many of her transgender fellows are breaking their silence- even one who has allegedly been sleeping with Tyga.

Yup, you read it right…Tyga has been blasted for allegedly having sexual relations with a transsexual!

[Credit: Pinterest]
[Credit: Pinterest]
Transgender model Mia Isabella is pouring the honey, reporting that she’s the woman Tyga’s been sleeping with behind Kylie Jenner’s back. According to Mia, she and the Pleazer rapper had an ongoing relationship for just about 3 years since her move to Los Angeles. In those three years, the actress confirms that she’s been riding with Tyga even way back when he was with Chyna.

Interesting enough as means of covering their tracks if the public were ever to discover their dirty little secret, the two agreed that using her career as a fashion stylist and a consultant for his brand was a great excuse to bridge their connection. Ha! She still put their business on blast so was there really a need for the secrecy?

Mia confirms that their relationship is no secret amongst her close friends as the two have been seen together during their private time with invited guest. LB Scott reports, the 25-year-old rapper is willing to risk it all after recently making place to spend time together just a couple of weeks ago.

Rumor has it Mia was featured on an alleged sex tape with her former roommate model Capri, who was once tied to Charlie Sheen.

I must say Tyga is very ballsy especially through a baby mama and a young girlfriend he surely did play his cards well with keeping this secret discrete. Well maybe not too well seeing how he had to have pissed off Ms. Mia Isabella since she’s just him on blast or really maybe she just wants some attention.

Oop, you know we had to drop a little honey in your tea!

Poor Kylie! Somehow some way drama just seems to always find Tyga. How will he explain this one?

Check out their text messages below:

[Credit: Love B Scott]
[Credit: Love B Scott]
[Credit: Love B Scott]
[Credit: Love B Scott]
[Credit: Love B Scott]
[Credit: Love B Scott]
I don’t know if i’s just with Mia, but if you ask me Tyga’s sense of conversation is whack. What do you think about this sticky situation?



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