Rising In Detroit ELDORADO Style

[Credit: I Am Young Detroit | Erin Gavle]
[Credit: I Am Young Detroit | Erin Gavle]
By: Sydney B.

Think back to when you were a kid, and you adored finding some of the world’s most interesting treasures. Did your initial thought cause you to smile inside as you thought about how excited you used to get after finding new trinkets?

Eldorado General Store, located in Corktown Detroit, embodies a combined love for travel and a knack for treasure hunting. Its home to some of the most original assortment of vintage knick-knacks from across the nation. Founder Erin Gavle, originally from Detroit, left her executive lifestyle in New York City to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams here in her hometown. After leaving her job as an advertising executive, she began to realize that her level of success is not defined by wealth but rather happiness.

“I began to realize that my expertise is in treasure hunting, or as I’ve labeled it “trinketeering”,” says Erin Gavle tells I Am Young Detroit as she reflects on starting out as a new business owner.

[Credit: Chris and Michelle Gerard | Detroit Curbed]
[Credit: Chris and Michelle Gerard | Detroit Curbed]
Eldorado General Store carry’s handcrafted items made by Detroit artist such as organic lip balms, soy candles, handmade jewelry, fragrances and much more. From vintage clothing for men and women to gathered talisman, guest can also find one of a kind items that Gavle traveled to find.

“It represents the perception of wealth and the struggle for creativity. Growing up in Metro Detroit, I’ve always had a love affair with the city. To me, it has always possessed this intriguing sense of wonderment, beauty, and magic. Detroit is the lost city of gold. And it’s my Eldorado,” Gavel says.

In addition to spreading the word about her general store, Gavel also makes it a point to encourage new entrepreneurs to chase their goals and reach their measured level of success.

“Becoming an entrepreneur is an investment in yourself. The sooner you start living like you are broke the better. If you want something bad enough, you start prioritizing being your own boss. Take calculated risk!” says Gavel.

Remember, success is only an arm’s reach away and failure is simply a mere opportunity for success. If you would like more information about the Eldorado General Store click here.

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