Do You Have the Juice or the Sauce?

[Credit :TMZ]
[Credit :TMZ]
By: DeVinnia M.

The social media beef between Drake and Meek Mill, already has fans sipping their tea. But it looks like Meek is stirring up trouble in the city of Detroit.

The Philly rapper is now being accused of plagiarizing a track from Detroit’s very own, Lil George.

Oh no! This can’t be true, right?

Back in October, 17 year old Lil George dropped his single-“I Got the Sauce.” The local artist, recieved a lot of respect and attention from his hometown.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill’s newest project – Dreams Worth More than Money – is now rising on the billboard charts. However, one particular track – “I Got the Jucie”- sounds extremely familiar.

According to TMZ, Lil George does believe Meek was inspired by “I Got the Sauce ” to create the hook on “I Got the Juice.” Get this,  Lil George isn’t seeking a check, he simply wants to be acknowledged. Seeing how Meek Mill is claiming to have never heard of Lil George or  “I Got the Sauce” he just might not get the credit he is looking for.

Tell us what you think? Did Meek get “inspired” By Lil George or is it just a very ironic situation?

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