CelebriTEA: The Dragging

[Credit: J. Adam Higgins – New York Times]
By: Grace Latimore

Can we all just take a moment of silence for Meek Mill and his career?

I tried to hold off on the updates because I figured yall, like myself, saw nothing but memes and shade for about three days on twitter and Instagram. But here’s a cute little update for those of us who missed some stuff while we were at work/minding our business/not beefing with rappers on the internet.

After Meek Mill came for Drake there was an eerie silence from Drake’s side. It seemed for a moment, Drake would take the high road and wait to throw some carefully crafted shade at Meek on some upcoming tracks.

But, oh, Aubrey wasn’t having it.

Instead, Drake released diss track after diss track. “Charged Up” which took playful shots at Meek Mill with lines about Meek’s career, Drake’s success, and a little nod towards his relationship with Nicki.

Meek Mill hopped back on social networks (his poor publicist) calling the track soft but wasn’t even slightly as vocal as he was in the days leading up.

Drake dropped another diss called “Back to Back” and arrived at OVO fest wearing a “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt. During his performance he had memes of Meek Mill running in the background  and even dropped a few lines from “3Peat.”

In short, Drake has dragged Meek Mill and I’ve been so here for it.

In an unrelated note, Safaree (Nicki’s ex) dropped a diss. I’m not sure who invited him to speak. But the link is below in case you need a laugh.

Oh, and before I forget – Meek dropped a response track after Drake’s first two disses. But…he could have kept that too.

What do yall think of the drama? Did Meek Mill underestimate Drake? How much longer do you think Nicki and Meek Mill will be together? Who knew Drake could be this shady?!

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