CelebriTEA: Family Matters Tour

Family Matters Tour Dates via chanceraps.com
[Credit: Chanceraps.com]
By: Grace LaTimore

Y’all already know I go up for Chance the Rapper and naturally, I had tickets to his Family Matters Tour. His second show of the tour was last night in St. Louis at the Pageant and it was lit.

Opening the show was Towkio and I’m grown enough to admit I hadn’t heard much of his music beforehand. However, his energy was so contagious I had to look up some of his projects immediately after the concert. ]

Next, was DRAM – naturally everyone was waiting for his hit single “Cha-Cha” but in the true spirit of performance and artistry he performed some of his just as dope but lesser known tracks in a way that engaged the crowd and solidified our fandom. And of course, he closed with Cha-Cha during which I was able to get a good two step in Jesus’ name.

Up next, Metro Boomin who is the record producer behind plenty of well-known jams like Dead Presidents by Ty Dolla $ign, Tuesday by ILOVEMAKONNEN, and Jump out the Face by Meek Mill.

When Chance finally came out not only was the crowd hyped but you could tell Chance was ready to give a great show. With cohesive lights and visuals and the accompaniment of Donnie Trumper and the Social Experiment he performed hits from #10Day and Acid Rap in a way that was both entertaining and deeply personal. He closed the concert with “Wonderful Everyday” a rendition of the children’s show “Arthur” repeating the line “Everyday…could be wonderful.”

And last night, everyone in the crowd believed it could be.

Family Matters Tour via My Snapchat
[Credit: Family Matters Tour via Snapchat]
[Credit: Family Matter Tour via SnapChat]

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