5 Ways to Escape a Date from Hell


We have all been faced with the issue of dealing with a terrible date. Your date could be a complete slob or a complete bore, either way you’re ready to leave NOW! With time you begin to contemplate just walking away or screaming for help. However, right before you have a panic attack you remember you’re a nice person and begin to plan an almost respectful getaway. If you’re stuck on ideas here’s five ways you can shake a date without creating an enemy out of him.

  1. 20 Minute Emergency Escape Call

The most classic escape route is having one of your friends call you at least 20 minutes into the date. Regardless of what your friend is saying on the other side your response determines if the date is good or not.  Saying something as simple as “What? What Happened? I’m on my way!” could get you out of there faster than you think. Pretending that a family member or your friends need your help immediately usually works best. Remember to apologize to your date and make them feel as if you will call them later.

  1. Cut it Short

Remember that most dates should only last 1 ½ – 2 hours. So if you don’t want to go through the whole date but don’t have friends to call you make sure you guys are doing something that could be cut short. The movies isn’t something that could be cut short (also that’s a terrible first date), however something like dinner is the best one to cut off in the 30 – 45 minutes range.  You usually get food within 15 minutes of arrival so for the rest of the date stuff that food down and yell for the check. If he seems confused just tell him you’re in a rush and have to be somewhere to be, anywhere is acceptable.

  1. The Bathroom Emergency

Sit looking uncomfortable for at least 5 minutes then excuse yourself to the bathroom. While in the bathroom come up with something that requires you to leave because of bodily discomfort. This could be a range of things from diarrhea to an early period, regardless you need to leave now! Once you get back to your date rush out because you were not prepared for this emergency and must leave immediately before it gets any worst.

  1. Sneak Out

If this date is just completely unbearable and potentially dangerous I advise you just walk out the door and leave as soon as possible. No, this not the nicest approach and will most likely result in losing a friend completely. However, if you feel that your life may be in danger check for the nearest exit sign and smoothly walk out of it. It may not be the smartest decision to walk straight out the front door so take a back exit and never look back.

  1. Be Honest

All of the kidding aside, the best advice is to just be honest. Most guys appreciate honestly and will respect you for it. You might be surprised if he feels the same as you and didn’t want to say anything. Just remember it’s not about what you say but about how you say it. So don’t be rude about it just simply tell him that “You’re a nice guy but I don’t think we’re a good match for each other.” He may be shocked but once he realizes that you respect him and don’t want to waste time he will be fine with it. And you never know you might have just landed yourself a good friend.

Published by

Jasmine Thomas

Uplifting, Optimistic & Victorious three words that describe me.

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