Dare To Walk With WALK Fashion Show


Over the weekend, The Social B.’s very own, Sydney B. had the pleasure of hosting the gold carpet for WALK Fashion Show! If you missed this event then let’s just say the next show is a must see! One day…Three shows…Detroit’s Eastern Market were the perfect ingredients for WALK 13. Not only was the venue filled with so many diva’s and divo’s wearing the hottest fashions of today, but the positive energy alone was enough to make everyone smile. The event featured over 10 vendors, several sponsors with the biggest being Quicken Loans and Gypsy Vodka, and a minimum of ten designers featured in each show.

The event kicked off its first show with WALK University, which features many of Detroit brightest and very bold kids who too have a passion for modeling. Not only were their child models, but even child designers who showed off some pretty dope pieces. The second show, Emerging Designers, featured many up and coming designers who have been working a little over a year now to make their mark within the local fashion industry. Finally, the highly anticipated show of all was the final show of the evening, which featured celebrity runway designer Richard Hallmarq who certainly came to slay with each look presented!

If you happened to miss this season’s fashion show or are a rising designer or model looking to take the stage this video indeed will help to answer your question as to why you need to be at the next WALK Fashion Show! Be sure to comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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