Angela Simmons Confirms Pregnancy

By Tabinda Sial

Rumors have been all over the media suggesting that Angela Simmons might be pregnant. Well she has finally confirmed it by posting a picture of her baby bump on Instagram Friday with the caption, “We are overjoyed and super excited to receive a blessing this big! Starting a family was something that I could have only dreamed of.” Although the daughter of Rev. Run seems to be excited, was she forced to confirm her pregnancy?


Pictures of Angela, her future hubby, and a very noticeable baby bump hit the internet minutes before she announced her pregnancy. The rumors of Angela being pregnant began when she posted a video on Instagram dancing to the running man challenge with her back turned to the camera the entire time. A couple of days later TMZ found Angela at LAX airport and asked her to confirm the pregnancy rumors. As the reporter asks how did she feel about the pregnancy rumors going around she responds saying, “don’t care about em’.”


Angela seems to be a person full of surprises! On April 26th she posted a video of a beautiful, big engagement ring on her Instagram with the caption, “YES!! I couldn’t be more excited. This is only something I could of only dreamed of. I’m over the moon and feeling so blessed to be able to share my life with the one I truly love. Everything happened in the most perfect way.” Angela is very private about her personal life seeing that no one even knew she was in a relationship. People assumed she may have been in a relationship with rapper Yo Gotti after his lyrics on “Down in the DM,” admitting he was crushing on Angela. It is confirmed that she is engaged to Atlanta businessman and convicted felon Sutton Tennyson. Tennyson was in jail for carrying a concealed weapon in 2000 also returning for check forgery and other things and then released in 2010.

Sutton Tennyson, mugshot on the right (source:,


Angela made it clear years ago that she was saving herself until marriage. Since she is pregnant and not married yet, could this be the reason why she didn’t want to confirm her pregnancy? Or does she simply prefer to keep her personal life private? The infamous quote “practice what you preach” is being used against her in this situation. Angela is 28 years old and in our generation nobody has the perfect traditional love life. The routine of getting engaged, married, then having kids isn’t common anymore. Everyone moves at their own pace and it is really what works best for that couple. Too many people have opinions on celebrities’ relationships just by looking at what they post when really there is more to everyone’s lives than what they actually show. Do you believe Angela was forced to reveal her pregnancy or that she is just a private person?

Congratulations to Angela Simmons!

7 thoughts on “Angela Simmons Confirms Pregnancy”

  1. I personally think that she is just a private person. I mean who wants people in their business all the time reporting their every move… Congrats to her on the start of something new !


  2. I think Angela was forced to reveal her pregnancy because she does seem to be a very private person, I follow her on Instagram and all she seems to post is workout videos and outfits. Also she didn’t reaveal or tag who her fiancé was, idk if it’s a media tactic by I think she just doesn’t like to share important things with the public.


  3. YAS, I do think she just likes her life to be private. I say that because everyone basically had to dig and find who she was engaged to! Kudos to Angie 🙂


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