Game Changer: The Chalk Cap


By Sydney B.

If you want to get ahead in the fashion game buy yourself a good hat where you can write on it, erase it , and write on it again!

The Chalk Cap is one of the dopest hat brands within the fashion industry today. These one of a kind hats allow you to express yourself daily by giving you the chance to write whatever you’d like on it. This dandy cap features a mini chalkboard surface with a small stick of chalk and a complimentary wet wipe, which grants you the chance to erase your design and start all over.

“The Chalk Cap hopes to change the apparel industry forever. Instead of, you know, people having to wear a hat that says one thing they can have one hat that says everything and express what you want! As an individual you will have true freedom of speech by writing anything that you want on your hat without anyone being at fault for it. Exercise your rights,” says Crystal Ermon, Founder of The Chalk Cap!

Crystal2Creator and Lead Designer Crystal Ermon, Chicago native, has been working in the fashion industry for seven years now. The Chalk Cap happens to be her second fashion brand. She is most known for her original clothing line Purple Vain, which is a women’s online boutique. This fashion goddess ensures that both of her brands represent fun fashion! While people are wearing her designs she not only wants them to look fabulous, but also have fun while sporting their look. Crystal plans to expand further throughout her career with the hopes of inspiring other designers to create fashions that push the envelope while changing the industry!

“When it comes to the Chalk Cap my intentions were for self-expression and to create something that would bring about change. I know that you will have some fun, entertainment, seriousness, motivation, love and laughter everyday that you wear your Chalk Cap,” says Crystal.

These self-expressive, innovative caps can be purchased at $25.00 per cap through the company’s website. Click here for more details.

Remember, The Chalk Cap is YOU! It’s an everyday representation of you!

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