Hey social bees! It’s been a minute for the music scene, and I’m back with more honey! This past Saturday at Chene Park,  Detroit welcomed Mr. Trap Soul himself Bryson Tiller! As a huge fan of Tiller’s journey, It was a beyond wonderful experience to be in the presence of such a humble soul and “exchange” a genuine connection!

imageAt Bryson’s afterparty, the anticipation and satisfaction of Tiller’s arrival was exhilarating and raged with excitement, surrounding him with love and “snap chats” for the man of the hour! Tiller was accompanied by his team and management, Neil Dominique who I also had the pleasure of speaking with. We’re looking forward to more of Tiller’s Trap Soul music!

Check out Bryson Tiller’s music video for his latest single “Exhange”!


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Born and raised in Saginaw, MI to Detroit, the 22 year old blogger has a passion for music and writing them as well. While majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and minoring in Public Relations at Wayne State University, Kristina Mitchell has begun to discover the best of both worlds of being a media journalists, and an aspiring A&R and music composer. Student by day and writer by night, Kristina has also written blogs for LOUD Music Brand based out of NY, to support all local Indie artists in Detroit. Mitchell also dreams of one day owning an A&R company of her own. -KrissyM

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