I Love You Detroit, I Love You For Real

Are you proud of where you’re from? In the short film, “Anthem of Us,” rapper and Detroit native Big Sean gives an inspiring story of why he is proud of his hometown.

He credits Detroit for his upbringing, and he reminds people to never forget where you came from.

In recent years Detroit has really been on the rise, rebuilding it’s downtown area with a new sport arena, new life in it’s businesses, and finally trying to change the perception of how people view the city, a city that not long ago was once viewed as the butt of all jokes.


In the film, Big Sean reminds viewers how the city Detroit prides itself on being authentic and what that means to him. He mentions, “It’s inspiring to work for something that you believe in.”

This is truly the most inspiring video I have watched in a long time, showing what a positive movement Detroit is currently going through right now. It’s great to see people shine a positive light on a city like Detroit.

After watching this video a few hundreds times, I’m proud to be from Michigan, although I’m from the opposite side the state, I have a strong connection with Detroit that I’m proud to have. No city is a perfect city, but like Big Sean says in the video, “You have to make each day better than before.”

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