Show Your Man You Appreciate Him

By Tabinda Sial

Whether you have a long time boyfriend, a husband, or a relationship that just needs spicing up, the best way to keep the relationship strong is simply showing your man you appreciate him. 

Birthdays and holidays aren’t the only days you have to do something special for that special someone. Ladies we all know guys aren’t always perfect, but hey who is? Maybe your relationship has been having a couple of ups and downs and needs a ‘pick me up’ or you might have noticed little things he’s been doing to put a smile on your face. I’m going to give you different ways to say “thank you” in a more meaningful way.

Just Because gifts

Who doesn’t love a random, “just because” gift? Surprises may not be for everyone but showing that you were thinking of someone enough to get them a gift “just because” is nice. If your man has been talking about something that interests him like the new Jordans coming out or something as simple as buying some more of his favorite cologne, get it. Remember when he bought you some beautiful flowers “just because” or came home with a Victoria Secret bag “just because” you kept talking about the 7 for $27 deal that was ending that day. Well, get him a gift “just because!” IMG_9215

Cooking is the Way to a Man’s Heart

If you’re the type of couple that always goes out, plan a romantic evening to stay in the house. Start off with dinner and cook his favorite meal or a meal you make that he enjoys.IMG_9243.JPG Don’t be scared to turn to Google or YouTube for help on recipes if cooking isn’t natural to you. After dinner, how about Netflix and Chill? Let him pick the movie and if he insists that you choose play a classic romance movie such as The Notebook, Love & Basketball, or Hitch. If your man has had a long day at work or just played basketball with the bros give him a massage to end the night. Massages are relaxing and what man doesn’t want to be relaxed by his woman’s touch after a long day?


Remember that song Independent by Webbie and IMG_9222he spelled out the word and explained how this woman had her own house, her own car, had two jobs, worked hard, and she was a bad broad? In our generation I have noticed that men love independent women. After talking with a few of my male friends they explained how its easier to be with a woman if shes independent or doesn’t need for much. They don’t have to worry about paying her bills, giving her money, or letting her borrow their car unless they actually want to, which some men will do just to take the load off of their woman. As a young woman, I would not want to depend on a boyfriend because lets face it… not all relationships last forever. Once you depend on someone for a while and then you’re cut off, it takes time to pick up the pieces. Being independent isn’t the appreciation aspect though. Since you have your own money, take over the bill sometimes when you go out. A relationship should have effort from both people and paying for the bill sometimes isn’t going to hurt.

Sex With Me So Amazing

Ladies its time to release your inner Rihanna! IMG_9242Sex can sometimes be a major key to a relationship. If your man has been hinting at trying a new position or some new tricks, GO FOR IT! Having sex in the bed all the time might be a norm for you, how about trying new places around the house? If you and your man are comfortable and open to try new things then toys and warming lubricants might spice things up a bit too. Lingerie is a big turn on and I’m sure your man would go crazy over it. If you aren’t too shy give him a lap dance or put a pole in the bedroom for the night. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone!

The Real M.V.P.

After doing all these things you’ll definitely be the real M.V.P. There are also more simple things that your man might appreciate you doing. Being loyal and supportive can have a huge impact on your relationship. No one ever wants to feel that they can’t trust their significant other. Support your man’s goals as well as things he is interested in. Do you sometimes catch yourself nagging at him about petty things? Girl, stop it. No man wants to hear their woman complain about every little thing. As women we can tend to hold old issues over our men’s head so its known how we feel and for them not to do it again. This doesn’t mean don’t speak up when he does something wrong but appreciate and thank him for the little things that he is doing right. IMG_9238


11 thoughts on “Show Your Man You Appreciate Him”

  1. I agree with this whole discussion, but only if he deserves it… Can’t wait to see what the next topic is about. Keep up the work BIN!


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