BOSS UP: A winning attitude

Everyone is chasing the American dream of wealth and riches. Wanting to be their own boss, catching flights and being paid just for waking up. But that lifestyle is not for the weak and the lazy, you’re only respected when you put in that work. There comes a time when you need to one up those around you, and Boss Up!

Stop Whining

Even those who work nonstop, do not find it enjoyable all of time but you rarely hear them complain. It makes me cringe when people around me sulk in pity parties like that will change their situation. So it is important to realize things rarely work out the way that they should, and you should always have a Plan B and your game face on to go after what it is that you want. Everyone is out here hustling and there is no remorse for those who complain.

Move in Silence

Your next move better be your next move and keep it under wraps! An exciting new opportunity doesn’t have to shared with everyone, because not everyone wants to see you win. Move in Silence and keep those in the loop who support you genuinely. When that time comes for announcements, your work should speak for itself and you won’t have too many to make.


This might be the most important factor to bossing up. I always say “When you’re handling your business, you aren’t missing out on nothing.” That just means you’ll sometimes see people who seem to be living, going out everyday and not doing too much. But if you’re grinding and making moves in the long run you’ll be much happier you disciplined yourself.

It’s going to take some long sleepless nights to get a sliver closer to your goal, you’ll definitely struggle but accomplishments you make will be much greater. Remember some of these tips when you’re feeling like throwing in the towel or doing half the work. Nobody remembers the weak and needy, all else fails Be a Boss!

-Asia J.


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