Cuffing Season


Dating in College brings forth an array of different feelings. Some will clown their homeboys and say it’s dumb to engage in or tell their best friends to live free. While others are constantly surfing the net for pictures of cute couples, stamping it as #GOALS. I personally think dating is a give and take, you learn the things that you like and don’t like, your expectations, and how to consider others. I’ve dated while in college and it is another stressor on it’s own, you should keep some of these things in mind if you choose to make it official while in college.

Always remember to be selfish with your time and talents. College is a huge milestone and should be a time where you hone your discipline skills in regards to your craft. Indulge into hobbies and studies; find out what you want to do in your future. Sometimes being in a relationship can distract you from the real reason you’re in school to begin with and that’s not wassup.

We all are young, so make sure you have as much fun as you can. You don’t want to regret being so caught up in your relationship drama that you forget to let loose and enjoy these years. I’m not saying lose all morals but if you’re in a relationship, keep that happy balance for the both of you.

Be transparent and genuine with your partner, this is easier said than done. There are so many temptations in college; the weak are bound to fall into the thirst traps. It’s key to keep it 100 at all times and to be on the same page. If you’re vibing with one another, and your bond is tight, nothing can phase you.

I’m not sure when drafting for cuffing season really begins…but when you’re blinded by the hype. And you can’t shake that feeling they give you remember relationships take WORK. Remember to focus on the real goal and to always put your happiness first.

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