Dating in 2016


Dating in 2016 has become extremely rare, starting controversy all throughout the world. It can be compared to a college graduate coming straight out of a four year university with a full-time position waiting in their desired area of interest making over 80k a year; not logical or realistic, a joke right? Modern day dating has come to the point where marriage and everlasting relationships aren’t even idolized anymore, just “something to do when there’s nothing to do” as I’ve heard many young adults and teenagers label the situation. But how do we stop this madness and get back to the way dating is supposed to be with hopes of possible children and longevity in marriages, something like old school R&B? Raising your standards and eliminating the many different relationship platform influences are two of the most important factors affecting the dating scene in 2016.

Keep your standards high and your heels higher

Just because that special someone isn’t able to see the beauty in you doesn’t mean you have to change yourself to be something you’re not for the sake of their happiness. That would be you being insecure and uncomfortable within self and that’s no way to start a relationship or even live a life enjoyably. If the perfect guy/girl is really your perfect match they wouldn’t make you feel less of a person as you are to be something or someone you’re not. They will love you unconditionally from the start no matter what flaws you possess, trust me I know! Us women shouldn’t lower our standards just because we are having trouble in the dating area whether it comes from finding a romantic partner or simply keeping our partner happy. Be you. Keep your heels high and standards higher. I say this because there’s way more pressure on women when it comes to dating just as it should be. Keeping your standards high will always attract the perfect man no matter how long it takes; a man loves a woman that can keep it classy at all times, a woman not every dude can say they’ve had. So ladies, don’t get discouraged if you’re having a hard time finding love or keeping your partner happy; when the time is right the perfect man will come sweep you off your feet blessing you with the most classical fairytale ending every woman deserves.


Relationship goals in the limelight

Everything seen on social media, television, internet and etc. just isn’t meant to be duplicated or recycled. We have to create our own pages to our own book so our story can be more than legendary for future generations to read, starting with relationships. A guy posting a picture on Instagram with two beautiful foreign females laying in the bed on each side of him isn’t “relationship” goals, more like “single” goals. I say this because yes, those women may be drop dead gorgeous but outside of their looks, what can they do for you that will help you become a better you? Can they cook, clean, be your medicine when you’re sick, or even be your listening ear when you’ve had a long day? I highly doubt it, all they’re good for is sex and minimizing your bank account and let’s be realistic for a moment, who really wants that at the end of the day? That’s no way to build an empire, but that’s for sure a way to demolish one. Although Drake yearns for love while Future wants only money and dirty sprite, there’s no telling what their love life is like on this inside. They do it to feed their family, to get paid and not for what real life has to unfold. So fellas, build your own love story and stop living for what you see on social media and other influential platforms. Don’t miss out on your queen because a celebrity’s song or interview has scarred you short of love forever.

Published by

Derek Nesbitt

I am a 18y.o freshman at Michigan State University with the major of journalism. I am also a MSU Competitive Cheerleader along with a member of the MSU Urban Dream Dance team.

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