7 Ways to Become Successful

We’ve all been told to strive for nothing but success with no proper training of how to do so. Success comes to some with extreme ease while others have to go to the moon and back just to finish the last page written in their book. But this is something none of us know how to accomplish correctly so here I will provide you with seven different ways on how to become successful: have faith, be humble, have a plan, stay focused, be prepared for road blocks, invest and most importantly, grind!

  1. Have Faith

Whether it’s your passion, your calling or simply your dream, go get it! It’s that simple. Have faith and trust that God will not leave you hanging but only lead you in the right direction. Do not be afraid to fall, you will bump your head a time or two and maybe even stumble back a few steps but as long as you learn from your mistakes by correcting your errors, success is on its way.

2. Be Humble

It’s okay to reach out to someone for help and thank them along the process even if they were really helpful or not, that shows your improvement as a person and what’s success without self-improvement? Nothing! Never look down on someone just because you’re one step closer to accomplishing your goal. Everything you have could easily be taken away from you leaving you right aside that person or even a few steps behind. Being humble will help you appreciate success a lot more once you’ve made it to the top.

3. Have a Plan

Build a plan. Without a plan you have nothing. Without a plan is just like driving a car with no destination, driving forever and ever and ever not knowing where your next exit or stop will be. Know your beginning, midpoint, and ending; once you have the key elements of your plan written out, go for it full force and don’t let nothing stop you. Always remember, your plan is the guideline to your success story in the making. Be sure to give it your all so your story can be more than legendary but everlasting and inspiring.

4. Stay focused

It’s easy to lose focus along the process because of various reason. You could be discouraged because you’ve been trying day after day after day with no results or simply because you prefer to sit around having girlfriend time with some of your closest friends. However, do not lose focus! Your friends will always be there and the best kind of success doesn’t come over night. Don’t allow yourself to lose focus; always remember, the end result is much bigger than temporary feelings.

5. Be Prepared for Road Blocks

Only the strong will survive, remember that and live by it literally! There will be many road blocks along your road to success ready to deter you short of your dreams, but those are just trials and tribulations the strong can and will overcome. Besides, if you can’t surpass a few bumps in the road how will you survive being the head of an Empire once you have made it to the top? Be strong no matter what the obstacle may be.

6. Invest

Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream and how will you be able to turn your dreams into reality without an investment? There is no way, it’s not possible! If you believe in yourself, invest and others will eventually follow suit without a problem. Whether it’s a savings bond, savings account, stock, business or anything else, invest! An investment can be your greatest asset, it can take you a long way most wouldn’t even imagine. Invest in yourself and you’ll be a lot better off financially once you have reached your goals.

7. Grind!

Most importantly, Grind! There is no better way to put it. Hard work beats talent any day and any hour. Work hard, extremely hard while believing in yourself and others will believe in you ten times more. You never know who’s watching waiting to take you to the next level. Work hard, train, promote your brand, and believing in self is all a part of the grind which is the most important key in becoming successful. Grind, grind, grind and never give up!

Published by

Derek Nesbitt

I am a 18y.o freshman at Michigan State University with the major of journalism. I am also a MSU Competitive Cheerleader along with a member of the MSU Urban Dream Dance team.

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