The wait is over!

As we’ve witnessed the last 2 Dope Detroit Detroit Music showcases, we’ve watched these pour their souls out on mic showcasing their raw talent, no filters, just straight raw inspiration! They say 3 times a charm, and this third time around for Dope Detroit Music was DEFINITELY a winner!

Not not only have these artists improved on their stage presence and wordplay, but each artist presented had a unique, creative sound that represents their hunger for what they love to! I’ve also had the pleasure of teaming up with a few artists who absolutely SET the bar for any one who wished to touch the Mic after their performance!


The “One too many times” performer Perrier Rosewood woke the crowd up and kicked the show off with charisma and effortless swag, while “Fvded” took us to church sparing his last bit of energy with his latest single “Church“! Lets not forget about Fuzz who closed the show with the insane adlib “Whoa Whoa“! These artists have proven that they owned the Dope Detroit Music Indie scene and that their ready to take heights to the next level! Major key alert!

We have the footage below on my discussion with Perrier Rosewood and Fvded on their N.O.T.E TO SELF as well. We’re looking forward to more Dope Detroit Music performances. Aren’t you?!

Watch “The Social B TV & AMPtv Media Presents: #DopeDetroitM” on YouTube

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Born and raised in Saginaw, MI to Detroit, the 22 year old blogger has a passion for music and writing them as well. While majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and minoring in Public Relations at Wayne State University, Kristina Mitchell has begun to discover the best of both worlds of being a media journalists, and an aspiring A&R and music composer. Student by day and writer by night, Kristina has also written blogs for LOUD Music Brand based out of NY, to support all local Indie artists in Detroit. Mitchell also dreams of one day owning an A&R company of her own. -KrissyM

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