The AllenMichael Virgin Hair Experience

After being a living testimony by experiencing Autism and ADHD through a close relative all while having a passion for hair, the 21-year-old entrepreneur Tiana Bell created the infamous AllenMichael Virgin Hair extensions.

Tiana Bell 1

The name of the company originated from her at the time 9-year-old brother AllenMichael who suffers from Autism and ADHD. During the first few months of business her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which lead to the creation of AllenMichael Virgin Hair’s wig line for those in serious need as well as those searching for a new, hot, and fulfilling style to rock whenever they desire. Since then, Bell has been able to watch her AllenMichael Virgin Hair wig collection blossom while taking proceeds from sales and donating to a large variety of Autism purposes; inspired by her younger brother, Bell enjoys being able to give back and support Autism Awareness while doing as much more as she can. Now, she service hundreds of clients through her wig line including those who battle cancer, alopecia or any other disease, not to mention her hair extensions have been classified as top of the line all throughout the state of Michigan. Tiana Bell 2Early Fall 2016, Bell will be opening up her very first hair salon in Metro Detroit where she will sell hair extensions, customize wigs, service clients with multiple hair stylists and many more. Bell is one of Detroit young entrepreneurs on the rise looking to take over the hair business in a matter of time. To support or get more information check out the AllenMichael Virgin Hair company on Instagram and Facebook @Allenmichaelvirginhair along with Twitter @AllenmichaelVH. For any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to email Bell at

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Derek Nesbitt

I am a 18y.o freshman at Michigan State University with the major of journalism. I am also a MSU Competitive Cheerleader along with a member of the MSU Urban Dream Dance team.

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