Black and I’m Proud?

With the continuous catastrophic killings of black men in America is being African American something you take pride in, or shy away from? A lot of people are living in fear and choose not to embrace who they are as a black individual.

Azealia Banks is known for many things, maybe a rapper, but mostly for her outspoken rants on twitter. Banks often speaks upon black appropriation and how our style, ideas, and music is often stolen and built upon without given us proper credit. Also, Banks believes when it comes to our black politics and issues we often are given the undercut, and it is swept under the rug. But recently it has been discovered that Banks partakes in bleaching her skin which is bringing her a lot of backlash. It seems to be ironic and hypocritical.PhotoGrid_1465938816245-768x768

In a time where it is important to teach our young black girls and boys to love themselves and to embrace and stand together, I personally think Banks had a platform to make a difference and now it is diluted with such a silly decision. We as black people continue to be killed on camera and receive no justice, continue to get our culture stolen and sold to the white industry. And yet, she did not practice what she has preaching, she made herself more like the people who are causing us strife.


Banks posted a live stream video and several essays stating her argument is that bleaching her skin is no different than wearing weave or relaxing your hair, are these things weighed the same? Do you believe this body or hair modifications means we are not prideful of being black?

I believe self love and the fight for black issues correlate, because of her bleaching her skin openly is causing controversy and confusion as far as where she stands. In order for Banks to make an impact she should be aware of how her actions are a contradiction to her words. We all should take the responsibility to truly love the skin we are in because they are killing us off one-by-one, and if we don’t empower one another, who will?

Tell me how you guys feel about Banks and her decision to bleach her skin.

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