Do Black Lives Really Matter????

So what now? Another hashtag, another million likes or another thousand shares on any social media site? What will it take for the killing of African Americans to come to an end? I normally don’t get involved in societal problems nor do I ever have much to say but today, I am highly upset because something needs to be done and I can almost guarantee you that it takes more than a hashtag to make a difference. We if we as African Americans want change to happen in our lives, we must go out there and get it on our own and it starts with education. The answer to this problem we are facing today is education; once we (especially our black men) are better educated in every area of life, this country would be much easier to live. Get educated by simply enlightening the soul with tools and information that will help us succeed in life and beat the odds set in place against us.

black Lives Matter 3

The African American man has the power to be the most dominate and superior person in this country but how will that even be so when the failure to be educated effects their ability to reach their greatest potential? Once we are educated, we will then begin to stop killing our own kind and rise to the top within any career or lifelong situation. When this happens, those of other races and backgrounds will no longer be able to suppress and kill us; we will then know and understand the law thoroughly allowing ourselves to beat the system and not be the system, there is a huge difference. Our black men have become so uneducated and accustomed to being shackled down and enslaved, that they fail to realize their power; but I guarantee you others see it. They have come to the realization that once our black men succeed there is nothing or no one in this world who will be able to stop and suppress us ever again. They are able to see this just by the FEW black men we have succeeding in today’s society so just imagine the intimidation placed on this earth once we have more brothers educating themselves and rising to the top in this cruel world. Education is practically the only key for the African American male just because we are the minority and I cannot stress this enough; education brings capability and capability brings success which will allow us to beat the system and become the law!

I can’t stress this matter enough. Education is so important for us, educate yourself in any and every aspect of life especially our history, the beginning of African Americans and the rise of our culture, to better understand how much pressure is on our kind alone. Our ancestors didn’t suffer slavery for us to be enslaved hundreds of years later without the chains, ropes and boats. They also didn’t suffer slavery for hashtags posted on social media from people doing absolutely nothing about a recurring problem this country faces. Black Lives Matter 2They suffered slavery so we can be the equality to the white skin but somehow we still fail to be in modern day. Extremely sickening. People we must stand together to make a difference, teach your young brother and sister to pick up a book when they are bored and in need, not a weapon of mass destruction. Let’s make a difference and seize the killing of our fathers and brothers. A hashtag can’t get the job done alone, we have to actually take a stand and force our voices to be heard.

“I am not an activist but I am black,” is a quote written by a close friend and Michigan State University graduate Chelsea Elledge that describes the current feeling of every single pro-black African American living in this country today. So let’s take this quote to the next level and protect the color of our skin to the fullest potential by getting educated and making more moves than a simple hashtag that to date only allows you to question if black lives really matter.


Published by

Derek Nesbitt

I am a 18y.o freshman at Michigan State University with the major of journalism. I am also a MSU Competitive Cheerleader along with a member of the MSU Urban Dream Dance team.

2 thoughts on “Do Black Lives Really Matter????”

  1. Your website is suave and the post is informative. I agree with pieces of me, the power of the dollar is going to be so much more powerful than protest and narrative. However the problem with buying black is that there’s not enough black business’s to support. And the ones that are around generally come at a premium. The continued killing of black men GLOBALLY by anyone is a problem, not just when police are involved. We have Africans dying from lack of water, dying in thousands daily but we continue to miss the bigger picture. Life is life and death is death, we need to protect our lives with more vigour.

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  2. Unfortunately there is too much talk going on within our culture and not enough action. I’m not even from America but I feel the pain and the plight of my people, and it hurts to know that we can’t even stand together when it comes to human life. It’s happening so much (these murders) that we are becoming desensitised to it. Action needs to be taken, if it’s a war then so be it, if you wanna take the peaceful route then hit them in the economy. Stop buying products from these corporate companies and name brand clothing lines and start supporting our own business, better yet start creating more of our own. We need to stand together for something and it needs to start today. I’m tired of the protesting and the debating, we need to be solution focused and think about something right now that we can all do to damage our enemies!!!

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