The infamous “Yellow Wall” of Detroit is unfortunately coming to an end. Yellow Wall has been known to be a place to let your creativity flow, being a canvas for REALISM, talented artists and painters, music artists and poets. With the help of “Inspire me Detroit“, the Yellow Wall has been a filled with unforgettable moments of innovative versatility to “inspire” one another to be great!

What is “Inspire Me Detroit”?
The owner of the concept of “Inspire Me DetroitLasalle Moore, has shared that her reason for launching Inspire Me Detroit was to provide a platform for art, and music artists to come together and inspire one another, as well as herself. Ideally, The Yellow Wall was the perfect canvas to use to encourage others to maintain inspiration for “Inspire Me Detroit”.


In addition to The Yellow Wall going out with a banger, the line up HAD to be crazy right?! Each performance defined what Inspire Me Detroit was to the rest of the crowd including myself! The free spirited, inner city, artistic, raw creative vibes fed off of one song to the next connecting the crowd together in Yellow Wall unity. I had a pleasure of speaking with all the artists and talented painters to find out what inspires them, and a note to self that they use to remind them to stay motivated.

The lineup consisted of local Detroit Indie rappers;
BFree| Major| Nessy the Rilla| Slick Tre| G-3| Detroit Kobe| Circle Tight| Kaneda| Donnie & Purp| Wide Eyed| Stoney Rocks| Mickey DayLee

Paintings By;
Escada Gordon| Thalamus

I’ve met some AMAZING, creative, inspiring individuals with Inspire Me Detroit! Continue to inspire one another and remember NONE OTHER THAN EXCELLENCE!

Long Live The Yellow Wall!

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Born and raised in Saginaw, MI to Detroit, the 22 year old blogger has a passion for music and writing them as well. While majoring in Broadcast Journalism, and minoring in Public Relations at Wayne State University, Kristina Mitchell has begun to discover the best of both worlds of being a media journalists, and an aspiring A&R and music composer. Student by day and writer by night, Kristina has also written blogs for LOUD Music Brand based out of NY, to support all local Indie artists in Detroit. Mitchell also dreams of one day owning an A&R company of her own. -KrissyM

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