How to Spice up Relationships…

In movies, relationships are portrayed as bliss, easy, and never dull. This may be true for the first couple months but what if you’ve been together years and years? Does it ever get boring?

I wanted to know how couples around me are keeping their relationships fun and spicy. So I asked one of my favorite couples for an inside scoop on their love life. Here are some tips the couple gave to what makes their relationship work.

Friendship • Having a solid friendship is probably the most important. Someone you can be yourself around, to share things with, and connect with in a way you can’t with anyone else. An open and honest friendship is the building block to a flourishing relationship.

Distance • The couple I interviewed are in a long distance relationship, so having time apart is something that helps. A lot of people say they need to see their significant other everyday, they want to be laid up all of the time and that can be toxic (sometimes). Having your own agenda, space, and time away from each other can make the time you are together something you cherish more. The Distance can be a good thing and a curse.

Dates • Keeping the dates fun and innovative is must. Switching up your routine will definitely keep both partners on their toes. Dates don’t always mean money, try to be creative and think of things to keep you from laying up in the house.

A relationship is work, and humans tend to get comfortable or bored. Try to spice it up conversation wise, date wise, bedroom, whatever. Effort from both will make things more enjoyable and fresh for those long standing couples.

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