Tips for Living Alone


Lonely? Living Alone?
Recently I moved into my own apartment all alone. No roommate, no mom, siblings, NOTHING! I know sounds scary right? As a 20 year-old single female this is one of scariest things I have done. I have never lived alone before.

Although I am the only child, I have always had my mom, friends, and cousins. When I came to college three years I had three other roommates, then after my freshman year I had one roommate. At one point of time I had a boyfriend who would come over every night. So yes you all can guess it, I have never truly been alone!

Two weeks ago I decided to move into my own apartment 20 minutes away from campus and everyone else. My first night there I was scared out of my mind. There were so many spiders in my house and my bed was not put up so I had to sleep on the floor. OMG! I was scared out of my mind.

Not only am I far out in the country alone, but I have to sleep on the floor with these spiders. Yes I was freaking out and they were too big to kill. I slept with the night light on until about 6am LOL! I also stayed on the phone with a guy friend the whole night just to feel safe. Two weeks later I am still scared, but slowly getting used to it. So here are a few tips I came up with for people who live alone who are college students, or just single individuals:

1. Organize your house, familiarize yourself with everything
2. Take the time to decorate your house, I live across the street from meijers, Walmart, dollar tree etc. so after work sometimes I go shopping to household items
3. Take a nice long bath with music! This can be very relaxing and also will blow off some steam and cure anxiety that you may have
4. Make your friends in your neighborhood! That way you can visit people and always have someone within distance to talk to
5. Face time a friend! I am always calling someone making conversation
6. Make your home as comfortable as possible for yourself
These are just a few things that I have done. What are your tips? What do you all do when living alone? Drop down some tips at the bottom of the post. As Sydney B would say B Honest, B humble, B You!

-Paisley Graham

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