Women of Color Wednesday: Taylor Winter Wilson

ALWAYSSUMMERTaylor Winter Wilson is a force to be reckoned with. A young black women who is building her empire as we speak. Taylor is a student at Eastern Michigan University studying Media Relations and Journalism.


Tell us more about yourself and your future endeavors ?

I’m a 21 year old college student currently building my brand. I love to write, that has been my first love since I was a little girl, but as I’m growing into a young women I’m starting to fall in love with the beauty industry as well. Although I feel like it’s already saturited with 1 million hair companies I decided to become apart of it because it’s one of my passions. So many people come to me for advice on hair companies based off of me always having my hair done or my YouTube reviews, that I was like wow I’m putting so many people on when I can be doing this myself. I know a lot about hair so people already trust my judgement. I feel like they know I will sell quality products because my reviews are always so honest and straight to the point. Media wise I still would like to persue journalism by writing for a magazine and I recently became an intern for Galore Magazine which took me 6 months to get but not giving up and connections really helped me land this internship. With Bronze Beauties, I would love for it to remain a student organization at EMU, while expanding to MSU, Western, Wayne State, etc. Black womanhood & sisterhood is so important especially in college that I feel like every campus can benefit from it. Being in organizations, giving back to the community and building professional & personal relationships really helps your college experience become a more positive and memorable one. I hope to also learn more about makeup and become a makeup artist. I have began to take 1-on-1 courses and build relationships with people already in the beauty industry. So it may seem like I have a million and one things going on but I’m really focused on achieving any goal I set and dabbing into any and everything I’m interested in.


What are you currently involved in?

I’m currently the Preisdent and 1 of 7 founders of a non-profit student organization “Bronze Beauties”. The purpose of this organization is to bring together minority women at my University and give back to the less fortunate and help better our community. We will be expanding to other Universities within the upcoming years. I’m also a member of the Public Relations Student Soceity of America and working on joining NAACP and Soceity of Professional Journalists.

What are some thing a you want to do to impact your community?

A few weeks ago I created this event I found on Pintrest called “Blessing Bags”, it’s really a popular thing that people do all over the country but no one locally has ever done it that I personally know. So my organization and I created bags with our own money filled with food & toiletries and went to Downtown Detroit to pass them out. It was a great feeling and I look forward to doing it again.image


Taylor’s Favs:

1.Youtuber- Aaliyah Jay, she’s so pretty and her makeup is always PERFECT
2.Make Up Product- NARS foundation has literally changed my life, great company for brown skin and black women in general
3. Candy- Chick-O-Stick* I haven’t eaten these in years but they’re so good
4. Music Artists/ Song- Beyonce goes without saying but lately I’ve fallen for Tory Lanez. Also I love PartyNextDoor, Bryson Tiller, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, Ab-Soul, Drake, etc.

Taylor is really making an impact in her community while following her dreams! be sure to follow her on ig:taylorwinter as well as her org: bronze.beauties!

If you know of her another Women of Color Worthy of acknowledgement, let us know!

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