Meet Raquel Mc(Fierce)son

I had the opportunity to chat with one of the most goal getting gals I ever met. Raquel “Cici” McPherson, Western’s own Next Top Model. She has been seen in several WMU fashion shows hosted by MODA, a registered student fashion organization. Hosting campus events, and dancing with Western Ja’dore Dance Team. This fierce public relations student, plans to make her mark in the high fashion Industry.

She started her journey in modeling with the help of her mom. As a child, McPherson was seen in commercial print for Kohl’s and other department store brands. Raquel is a Detroit native, but plans to leave the mitten for NYC, to immerse herself in the fashion industry. “I would say my major limitation as a model would be living in Michigan, this isn’t the place for fashion,” says McPherson.

Speaking of limitations, she shared a moment with me about her first encounter with the fashion industry. At 16-years old, she sought out an agency to work for as a model. During this audition she was suggested to lose more weight. If you know  you know this probably isn’t possible considering her abs are hard as a rock as seen in her Facebook cover photo. So, imagine her at 16…..right, I didn’t imagine fat either.

However, this experience taught her so much and gave her the motivation to prepare for the industry. “It’s about having thick skin, taking criticism and turning it into a positive,” McPherson said.Using inspiration from Tyra Banks and Iman, CiCi plans to break barriers in this industry. She’s currently in the process of accomplishing many goals. However, her ultimate goal is to be able to support her family with her career and several business ventures.

Her most recent accomplishment as a freelance model is working with Lipbar, a Detroit based cosmetic company. McPherson was chosen to pose for their new metallic lipsticks, and slayed! The pictures are stunning. She was also recently featured on FashionBomb Daily. 

McPherson is a humble yet determined girl, working to push through that glass ceiling in the fashion industry. She working against all odds as a black, female, high fashion model, but I know she’s going to make it. You can follow McPherson on Instagram and Facebook @raquelmcpherson and Twitter @CiCiRoxi. 


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