Has the movement black lives matter been taken to far?

Lately there has been a lot of police brutality against the African-American community. Sandra Bland, Ezell Ford, Laquan McDonald, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the list goes on. These are all victims of police brutality. The newest victim is 23 years old, Korryn Gaines.

Korryn Gaines was shot in a police stand off in her apartment with her 5 year-old son present. Gaines and her boyfriend both had warrants for their arrest. The police came to Gaines’ house to arrest her for her warrants. Gaines was sitting on the floor with a shot gun pointed to police when the door was opened. The police then backed away and went for back up.

For hours Gaines’ and her son sat in the apartment while police stood outside the door. Gaines’ boyfriend ran off with their 1 year old daughter. Once the police came close Gaines’ told the officers she would kill them if they did not leave. The officers proceeded with shooting at her.

When the officers fired, Gaines began to fire back several rounds. The police then killed her, striking her 5 year old son.

A few months back Gaines was pulled over and refused to give police any information, which resulted her going to jail. She said that because she was in jail starved for two days, she suffered a miscarriage.

Some say that Gaines was mentally ill, some say this is police brutality. However, my question for you is did Gaines deserve to be shot. In the video of Gaines getting pulled over she immediately got defensive towards the officers after they tried to help her out numerous of times. It is reported that Gaines was raised to have thoughts of a Black Panther and she was racist towards caucasian people.

Gaines threatened the police with guns, when they never had guns pulled on her. So is this really another situation of black lives matter? Or is this just another African-American having hatred for every white man and woman, or police officer because of the evil things SOME caucasian police officers have korryn gaines 1.pngkorryn gaines 2.pngmade. Several instagram posts showed Gaines hatred for the Caucasian community.

On the 4th of July she posted several pictures expressing her hatred for the holiday and how African-Americans were still slaves so they should not celebrate the holiday.

But wait there is a plot twist! There is a video of Gaines 5 year old son speaking about the shooting and he said that the police shot him on purpose when they seen him run. Also the child never stated if his mother actually ever shot at the police.

So my question remains, is this police brutality or not? Comment your thoughts below.

-Paisley Graham

3 thoughts on “Has the movement black lives matter been taken to far?”

  1. No, I do not think this is police brutality but I do think her death was senseless. Korryn obviously had some mental health problems. Her own traffic stop video showed a very unstable young woman. She was knowingly driving her children around in car that the tag had been seized off of due to a previous legal situation. She turned up her music as they walked up and then proceeded to be intentionally non compliant with every request they made. Not only that but she was asking for paperwork from officers that I am fairly sure she was absolutely clueless about herself. I have a strong suspicion she, among many others, was gullible enough to believe everything she saw in particular anti police videos on YouTube. Videos where the nations dimmest attempt hold court in the street with an honorary Facebook or YouTube law degree.

    What I saw in that video was a very sick girl who telling her small child to quit crying, hate the police, fight the police, blame the police/someone else for all your mothers highly irresponsible actions, and record your mothers “murder” like a good boy so you’ll get lawsuit money as she played with her hair and made sure she looked good for the camera (several times). She laid out her entire plan to one day commit suicide by cop in that video. She told police she had already been telling family/people who knew her that she was going to go out this way, but again, she somehow thought her kids would get money from it. The mental disconnect was surreal and I’ve not even brought up the horrific way she raised and endangered her children, on multiple occasions, with no second thought about it. Of corse her son thinks they shot him intentionally. She told him they wanted to kill him and people who look like his father/them. It’s sickening and yes BLM crossed the line a long time ago. Sandra Bland was a lot like Korryn. She had documented mental health problems, was intentionally non compliant, and killed herself in jail. I could it see exactly what happened when she and the officer walked away from the dash cam view but Sandra pulled him away from the camera. She was acting suspicious, hit and kicked him while she was in the car and was pulling him all over the place after she was handcuffed and he was not trying to be excessively forceful. She, like Korryn, could have easily avoided jail if they just would have calmed down and used their heads. Instead they both responded in a very emotionally disturbed way.


    1. Oh auto correct… That should be I could not see what happened after they walked away from the dash cam , in reference to Sandra. The secondary video captured by a person in the area did not catch everything that happened just before officers had her on the ground either but the officer was holding back as she was roaming all over place, talking to herself, and ranting at him.


  2. And according to the FBI 40% of cop killers are black. A police officer is 18.5 times more likely to be killed by a black than to shoot a black. Google this:

    The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement

    Should get you to an article on Hillsdale College site.


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