Being You!

“In a world full of Kardashians, be a Letty” or “In a world full of Kardashians, be Ayesha Curry” are two meme captions that perfectly describes the story behind this post. Be you. It’s just that simple. Don’t let society pick who you are going to be; be who and whatever makes you happy. If you are sincerely a Letty, an Ayesha Curry or even a Kardashian, be that and be the best you that you can be!


For the past few years, society has painted this ugly picture of women where we are to only wear extensions to the middle of our back, pounds of make-up on our faces starting from the eyebrows on down, double D size breasts and surgically huge bottoms with the smallest waists known to mankind. But whatever happened to the woman who prefer sweats over skirts, gym shoes over heels, hoodies over blazers and natural over extensions? Natural HairThe answer is nothing; that woman still exists, just not in the eye of society. By being you and loving who you are can show society that no matter if you’re a Kardashian, a Letty or an Ayesha Curry, you still have the power to be the best at what you do and that’s being you!

So my advice for today is simple: be you! Don’t allow society to force you to be someone you are not. Help the world show younger generations that it is okay to be whatever makes you comfortable and love it to the fullest because if not, we will forever live in a world full of Kardashians and not a world full of amazing, unique and classic individuals.

Published by

Derek Nesbitt

I am a 18y.o freshman at Michigan State University with the major of journalism. I am also a MSU Competitive Cheerleader along with a member of the MSU Urban Dream Dance team.

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