Swiper No Swiping!

What started as an illegal act of earning money has now gone viral and on to be one of the most epic topics of any conversation had in today’s society. Swiping or scamming, which can be classified as new terminology for stealing has become one of the top sources of income for teenagers and young adults all throughout the United States of America.

I personally am not a fan of the illegal act performed in hopes of gaining financial security but who am I to judge? I am just a citizen of this country whose bank account has been hacked and used without my consent just like hundreds of other citizens of this country. Yes, I am 100 percent sure I was not solely targeted but anyone with a bank account or any type of account held at a financial institute will be a target to those who swipe and scam for a living.

Within the past two years debit and credit cards have been designed with a chip that confirms customer’s security when it comes to personal and financial information, and I love it; It’s a lot safer for those who prefer the ATM drive thru instead of instore services because the chip is gripped by the machine while a security code is requested before performing any action, just great! I feel more secure knowing I am the only person who has access to my banking information and no one else can use my personal bank card unless I grant them access to do so. Speaking of access, I highly recommend giving no one your banking information. Some individuals have now found ways to access card information form browser histories, web payment and even from simply being in the care of another human being. So to avoid swiper from swiping, keep your financial information secure and within self only.


Published by

Derek Nesbitt

I am a 18y.o freshman at Michigan State University with the major of journalism. I am also a MSU Competitive Cheerleader along with a member of the MSU Urban Dream Dance team.

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