If It Twerks It Works: Man Start Twerking In Court

There was no shame in one Florida man’s game as he began to twerk during his court appearance. Calvin Lloyd Griffith, 20, is accused to stealing an employees car from  Miami Edison Senior High School’s parking lot. Griffith was caught on surveillance walking through the building, taking an employee’s keys, and then speeding away in the Volkswagen Passat from the parking lot, according to Miami-Dade Police.

Griffith, who was previously arrested on similar charges, was arrested on charges of grand theft, burglary, and trespassing. During his court appearance before Judge Catherine Pooler, as a means of getting her attention, Griffith began twerking! This was not just your average twerk either, as he bent over, placed his hands on his knees, and began shaking what his mother gave him! Not to mention, Griffith’s mother was also sitting in the courtroom.

“He’s got problems,” says a disgruntle Judge Pooler.

According to Griffith’s mom, he apparently suffers from mental illness and was off his medications at the time. Griffith’s mother sat in court with a bag of prescription medications for her son.

“Do not go back there. You are not a student anymore,” Pooler warned.

Griffith was slapped with a $18,000 bond, and was ordered to be held until his next court appearance Friday.

I guess it’s never a dull day when in court and its definitely not dull day when feeling the Power of the Twerk while standing before a Judge! You go Griffith.


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