What’s Next???

What’s next? Yesterday morning I saw this question pop up over every social media account I have. What’s next? Do you guys see how idiotic this sounds? Like what do you all mean what’s next? I seriously need help understanding this question because the same thing that came next yesterday and the day before, will come tomorrow. You’ll continue to live your life the same way you did when President Clinton, Bush and Obama were in office, we as Americans must allow Trump to make no difference.

Now to answer your question, what’s next is change! Our former presidents have done nothing short of an amazing job trying to change this country… well some (LOL), with the help of us. We must continue moving in the right direction, starting with change within. president-1We have to encourage our people to get out there and vote. There were a lot of uneducated citizens declining the right we have been granted to vote simply because they’re uneducated on the entire voting process and just didn’t feel the need. Although the Electoral College determines the presidential elect, the popular vote matters as well which happens to be us civilians. There have only been four candidates in the history of the United States of America to lose a presidential election with more popular votes than the opposing candidate. I don’t know about you all but to me that says a lot. So when the next election comes in four years we as a whole will be properly educated and ready to vote.

What’s also next is us working with the President Elect Trump to continue helping this country grow. Now don’t get me wrong people, just because this has been said does not mean I am a Trump supporter because that’s by far the case. I just don’t see the point in crying over spoiled milk, it’s already done and I’d like to see new additions added to the amazing work President Obama and etc. has done in this country. presidentHell to the no I don’t agree with him being elected and I honestly think it’s quite strange this random entrepreneur with zero political experience has been selected to be the most powerful man in the world but who am I to judge? I am just an Angry Black Woman let social media tell it (LOL).

But what’s next for me is to be the first female African American president of the United States of America. A lot of you will not believe in me for the simple fact I am a woman just as some of you didn’t believe in Hillary Clinton which resulted in us being forced to stick together in hopes of continuing the success of this country because we have a reality star in office but guess what? I AM GOING TO DO IT ANYWAYS AND IF I DON’T I HAVE SOME FANTASTIC FRIENDS WHO WILL!!! I mean after all, I did graduate with a minor in Political Science which happens to be more experience than our President Elect Trump (LOL). This goes to show that anything is possible and to never let someone tell you what you can and can’t do.

What’s next is we all move forward in being or becoming successful and doing whatever we want!


Published by

Derek Nesbitt

I am a 18y.o freshman at Michigan State University with the major of journalism. I am also a MSU Competitive Cheerleader along with a member of the MSU Urban Dream Dance team.

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