About The Show

imageThe Social B. Show officially aired in January 2015 on the campus of Western Michigan University. With the belief that creative minds have already embraced the symbolic nature of success and failure, we understand that failure is just a mere step on the road to success.

The Social B. Show is an independent web show dedicated to promoting social entertainment while presenting the ideas, opinions, and stories of young entrepreneur’s, up and coming artist, and even everyday awesome individuals- like you and I! The show presents an opportunity for individuals looking to not only share their opinions, but also encourage that the sky is only the limit and that we can exceed all expectations.

Exceeding the limitations set forth by society and coming a leader of your own society is what we enjoy discussing here on The Social B. Show.

Be sure to check out both our previous seasons and current season. Tune in every Tuesday at 8 P.M. for all new episodes in the bee hive of The Social B. Show. “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Snap Chat @TheSocialBShow. Always remember… B Honest. B Humble. B YOU!