About The Social B.🐝


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Founded in June of 2014, The Social B. is a social entertainment company that exploits the social entertainment world. As a diversified entertainment-production company our purpose is to encourage and inspire our viewers to freely display their talents while becoming leaders of their own society. The Social B. is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring artist, entertainers, young entrepreneurs, and even awesome people, like you and I, during their journey to success.

Guided by honest tantalizing content, our mission is to inspire and empower our viewers to become society leaders! Our stimulating message will nourish a creative mindset with how one may choose to create their future. This mission reinforces the company’s vision of reinventing the image of digital media with the goal of developing into the largest social-entertainment production company within the Midwest.

We believe that creative minds have already embraced the symbolic nature of success and failure. Failure is merely a step on the road to success. We encourage you to B Humble. B Honest. B YOU! So as you look through The Social B. 🐝 be sure to like some of the post and share your opinions below.

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