CelebriTEA: Family Matters Tour

Family Matters Tour Dates via chanceraps.com
[Credit: Chanceraps.com]
By: Grace LaTimore

Y’all already know I go up for Chance the Rapper and naturally, I had tickets to his Family Matters Tour. His second show of the tour was last night in St. Louis at the Pageant and it was lit.

Opening the show was Towkio and I’m grown enough to admit I hadn’t heard much of his music beforehand. However, his energy was so contagious I had to look up some of his projects immediately after the concert. ]

Next, was DRAM – naturally everyone was waiting for his hit single “Cha-Cha” but in the true spirit of performance and artistry he performed some of his just as dope but lesser known tracks in a way that engaged the crowd and solidified our fandom. And of course, he closed with Cha-Cha during which I was able to get a good two step in Jesus’ name.

Up next, Metro Boomin who is the record producer behind plenty of well-known jams like Dead Presidents by Ty Dolla $ign, Tuesday by ILOVEMAKONNEN, and Jump out the Face by Meek Mill.

When Chance finally came out not only was the crowd hyped but you could tell Chance was ready to give a great show. With cohesive lights and visuals and the accompaniment of Donnie Trumper and the Social Experiment he performed hits from #10Day and Acid Rap in a way that was both entertaining and deeply personal. He closed the concert with “Wonderful Everyday” a rendition of the children’s show “Arthur” repeating the line “Everyday…could be wonderful.”

And last night, everyone in the crowd believed it could be.

Family Matters Tour via My Snapchat
[Credit: Family Matters Tour via Snapchat]
[Credit: Family Matter Tour via SnapChat]

CelebriTEA: Lamar Odom was found where?

Sam Forencich NBAE via Getty Images
[Sam Forencich NBAE via Getty Images]
By Grace Latimore

Lamar Odom, 6 time Man of the Year winner and 2 time NBA championship winner, was found unconscious at a brothel early Wednesday morning.

As the divorce of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian has not been finalized, so she’s legally allowed to make decisions about his care in the interim. Brothel owner, Dennis Hof says “when they took him to the Pahrump hospital, the people there told us, ‘He doesn’t look good. He doesn’t look like he’ll make it, and if he does, he won’t be the same.’ ”

Team mates have begun to show their support of Odom and his family during this time. Kobe Bryant was spotted leaving the hospital and Dwayne Wade tweeted his concerns early Wednesday morning.

Here’s hoping Odom pulls through and experiences a speedy recovery.

CelebriTEA: I Forgot to Give Myself Credit

What A Time To Be Alive Album Cover - Credit: iTunes
[What A Time To Be Alive (Album Cover) – Credit: iTunes]
I’m going to go ahead and give myself a point. When I talked about upcoming music I said “what a time to be alive” in a few years when I’m sipping a martini and living with the beautiful people I’m going to give myself the credit for the title of Drake and Future’s new album.
Let’s give a round of applause for Future, he’s managed to make most of us forget that he really is trifling for the situation with Ciara. Released DS2 and now this?
And Aubrey! Let’s go ahead and say Drake won this year. 2015 is poppin’ for Drake, to be sure. He drags Meek Mill, releases an album, and we’re still waiting on Views from the Six. His music is going to be the soundtrack of my Senior year. And I’m not mad about it at all.
Were not your hearts filled? What are some of your favorite tracks from the album? What projects are you looking forward to?
And ain’t Frank Ocean promise us an album like…months ago?

CelebriTEA: What a time to be alive

Photo via Instagram
[Credit: Instagram]
By: Grace Latimore

Sources close to Chance the Rapper say that Chance is planning some power moves.

After he released Surf with his band, The Social Experiment, he made it clear he wasn’t afraid to do something bold. More recently he’s released dates for his “Family Matters” tour which some suspect was inspired by the baby he has on the way with longtime girlfriend. Today, Chance made history dropping six tracks on Soundcloud in a collaborative effort with Lil B.

But a close source to Chance the Rapper says he’s been in talks with major artists like Kanye West, mulling over the idea of a Chicago artist based mixtape.

Let that rest in your spirit for a moment.

I’m hoping it’s true. The surprise releases today from Lil B and Chance have me hopeful.

And his song with up and coming artist Kehlani called, The Way, is a great hit; her sultry verses against his playful lyrics guarantee you’ll have it on repeat.

It’s been a great few months for music, folks.

CelebriTEA: The Dragging

[Credit: J. Adam Higgins – New York Times]
By: Grace Latimore

Can we all just take a moment of silence for Meek Mill and his career?

I tried to hold off on the updates because I figured yall, like myself, saw nothing but memes and shade for about three days on twitter and Instagram. But here’s a cute little update for those of us who missed some stuff while we were at work/minding our business/not beefing with rappers on the internet.

After Meek Mill came for Drake there was an eerie silence from Drake’s side. It seemed for a moment, Drake would take the high road and wait to throw some carefully crafted shade at Meek on some upcoming tracks.

But, oh, Aubrey wasn’t having it.

Instead, Drake released diss track after diss track. “Charged Up” which took playful shots at Meek Mill with lines about Meek’s career, Drake’s success, and a little nod towards his relationship with Nicki.

Meek Mill hopped back on social networks (his poor publicist) calling the track soft but wasn’t even slightly as vocal as he was in the days leading up.

Drake dropped another diss called “Back to Back” and arrived at OVO fest wearing a “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt. During his performance he had memes of Meek Mill running in the background  and even dropped a few lines from “3Peat.”

In short, Drake has dragged Meek Mill and I’ve been so here for it.

In an unrelated note, Safaree (Nicki’s ex) dropped a diss. I’m not sure who invited him to speak. But the link is below in case you need a laugh.

Oh, and before I forget – Meek dropped a response track after Drake’s first two disses. But…he could have kept that too.

What do yall think of the drama? Did Meek Mill underestimate Drake? How much longer do you think Nicki and Meek Mill will be together? Who knew Drake could be this shady?!

CelebriTEA: T. Swift and Miss Minaj Exchange Words

Credit: Getty Images
[Credit: Getty Images]
By: Grace Latimore

Twitter was jumping last night.

In case you missed it, the VMA nominee list was released and Nicki Minaj received a little love for “Anaconda” but felt a little slighted in the overall nominations. Nicki felt that her work didn’t receive the credit it deserved  and suggested that her videos would have been better received if they featured slimmer, perhaps Eurocentric, bodies.

nickiGiven the other nominees in that particular category it was kind of clear Nicki was alluding to Taylor Swift. Taylor reached for her @ button and shared disappointment in Nicki for trying to pit female artists against each other going so far as to invite Nicki up on stage…

*cackles* Girl, what?

It looks like Taylor missed the point and Nicki is having a tough week. I wonder how many times Meek has called Nicki this morning?

CelebriTEA: Meek Mill vs. Drake?

Credit: Getty Images
[Credit: Getty Images]
By: Grace Latimore

Now we all know that nothing about Hollywood (or Houstatlantavegas) is what it seems – it’s all lies and lacefronts. But Meek Mill decided last night he was going to let it all hang out. He tore Drake apart and blasted him for having a ghostwriter. Allegedly, Meek and his people found out that Drake had a ghostwriter after recording RICO and Meek claims he wouldn’t have let the song get out if he knew Drake wasn’t the authour. Meek went on to claim Drake never promoted Meek’s music because Meek knew Drake was a fake.


If that’s the case – why is Meek all of a sudden putting Drake out there? Don’t most artists have ghostwriters? If memory serves, both Drake and Meek have credits on their albums for other people. Some suggest Meek may have gotten the truth about Nicki and Drake’s past and took to Twitter in a fit. Others speculate that Meek just has a bone to pick with the industry in general.

Rick Ross tweeted that Drake was better than Meek but soon deleted his tweet.

Let this be a reminder that celebrities are just your average folks with a lot more money and more time to kill.

I’m off to listen to some Kendrick Lamar.

Salute the Fans Tour

[Credit: Instagram]
By: Grace Latimore

Future announced on Instagram a few days ago that he would be having a “Salute the Fans” tour. God bless him. Performing in four different cities at local clubs for free (yes, free). All you need to do is provide proof of purchase of his album and come ready to turn up.

It seems like more and more often celebrities are relying on surprise releases and announcements (will we ever forget the Beyonce album drop?) I personally love it – always the possibility for something new and ratchet. But what do yall think?

Hopefully this bout of performance and positive response from his fans will get Future out of Ciara’s iMessage and keep him on stage/in the studio.