The infamous “Yellow Wall” of Detroit is unfortunately coming to an end. Yellow Wall has been known to be a place to let your creativity flow, being a canvas for REALISM, talented artists and painters, music artists and poets. With the help of “Inspire me Detroit“, the Yellow Wall has been a filled with unforgettable moments of innovative versatility to “inspire” one another to be great!

What is “Inspire Me Detroit”?
The owner of the concept of “Inspire Me DetroitLasalle Moore, has shared that her reason for launching Inspire Me Detroit was to provide a platform for art, and music artists to come together and inspire one another, as well as herself. Ideally, The Yellow Wall was the perfect canvas to use to encourage others to maintain inspiration for “Inspire Me Detroit”.


In addition to The Yellow Wall going out with a banger, the line up HAD to be crazy right?! Each performance defined what Inspire Me Detroit was to the rest of the crowd including myself! The free spirited, inner city, artistic, raw creative vibes fed off of one song to the next connecting the crowd together in Yellow Wall unity. I had a pleasure of speaking with all the artists and talented painters to find out what inspires them, and a note to self that they use to remind them to stay motivated.

The lineup consisted of local Detroit Indie rappers;
BFree| Major| Nessy the Rilla| Slick Tre| G-3| Detroit Kobe| Circle Tight| Kaneda| Donnie & Purp| Wide Eyed| Stoney Rocks| Mickey DayLee

Paintings By;
Escada Gordon| Thalamus

I’ve met some AMAZING, creative, inspiring individuals with Inspire Me Detroit! Continue to inspire one another and remember NONE OTHER THAN EXCELLENCE!

Long Live The Yellow Wall!


Usually I’m involved with the local music scene, but Social B’s as you know there comes a time and place when you have a call to action to speak amongst different things, and for me that time is NOW!

With the uproar of the 2 past police shootings, the murder or 37 year old Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge LA, and 32 year old Philando Castille of Falcon Heights MN, there has been multiple protests around the U.S. to take astand against police injustices. These protests included not only where these 2 African American men were murdered, but also in Dallas, Los Angeles, Georgia, Philadelphia, New York, and right here in Detroit.

The prominent “Black Lives Matter” movement has struck again as the result of an all time high of police injustice towards the African American culture. “What can we do to take our lives back? What can we do to stop this? How can show the supremacy that our lives matter just as well as their fellow loved ones?” Are all the questions we ask ourselves, but I think the question should be “Why should only black lives matter?” because at the end of the day we’re all striving for better as Americans. ALL lives should matter. Right? 

The highly anticipated statement of Ms. queen “Bey” herself ,Beyoncé, has posted a statement on Instagram stating;

“This is not a human fight, no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation. This is a fight for anyone who feels marginalized. Who is struggling for freedom and human rights.” 


I couldn’t agree with her more! In addition to this movement, I took it upon myself to start a “call to action” on all social media outlets for any local music artists to voice their opinions on injustice and inhumane authority activities. Since music artists will be the trusted vessels before any politician , I figured that this movement will allow every one of us to encourage one another to speak out and support each other as well. Here’s an example of my N.O.T.E TO SELF movement I had the pleasure on starting! Local Detroit artist “J. Reed” has something for all us, but especially for the melinated culture;

“UNITED WE STAND, TOGETHER WE WONT FALL. Rest peacefully Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and all the other fallen soldiers who’ve lost heir lives due to police negligence. ALL LIVES MATTER.” 



The wait is over!

As we’ve witnessed the last 2 Dope Detroit Detroit Music showcases, we’ve watched these pour their souls out on mic showcasing their raw talent, no filters, just straight raw inspiration! They say 3 times a charm, and this third time around for Dope Detroit Music was DEFINITELY a winner!

Not not only have these artists improved on their stage presence and wordplay, but each artist presented had a unique, creative sound that represents their hunger for what they love to do..music! I’ve also had the pleasure of teaming up with a few artists who absolutely SET the bar for any one who wished to touch the Mic after their performance!


The “One too many times” performer Perrier Rosewood woke the crowd up and kicked the show off with charisma and effortless swag, while “Fvded” took us to church sparing his last bit of energy with his latest single “Church“! Lets not forget about Fuzz who closed the show with the insane adlib “Whoa Whoa“! These artists have proven that they owned the Dope Detroit Music Indie scene and that their ready to take heights to the next level! Major key alert!

We have the footage below on my discussion with Perrier Rosewood and Fvded on their N.O.T.E TO SELF as well. We’re looking forward to more Dope Detroit Music performances. Aren’t you?!

Watch “The Social B TV & AMPtv Media Presents: #DopeDetroitM” on YouTube


Let’s start the week off with some Indie Inspiration and relaxation Social Bees!

As music lovers we often find ourselves drifting off into escapades of inspirational music binges early mornings and late nights, searching for that ONE song that correlates to our current mood. Sometimes we just want to connect with lyrics that’ll ease the tension that allows us to ‘evolve‘ into the better person we want to be!


On a music binge, I came across this South Carolina native, TiffanyJ  I appreciated her honesty on her current project ‘Evolving‘ into the higher being that’s she knew she’d become! TiffanyJ is a graphic designer, contemporary inspirational indie music artist who makes it known that bringing forth certainty and honesty will allow you to be comfortable with evolving into a better self, which she expresses shamelessly and fearlessly.

Being a woman who is on the the rise of evolving into something I held back from made it easy for me to connect with Tiffany, and I hope it does the same for you all! The evolution of becoming a better person is a great feeling, don’t be afraid to go for it! We wish TiffanyJ a great journey towards success all the way from Michigan!

Here’s TiffanyJ’s latest single ‘Human‘, take a listen!

Listen to 08 Human by I am TiffanyJ #np on #SoundCloud


You know I couldn’t keep my social bees waiting for more music buzz any LONGER! So far you all have been with me on my musical journey to connect with various artists to witness their deep rooted passion for music and experience their growth as artists. It has been extremely rewarding to gravitate towards the authenticity of such humbleness, despite the continuous spotlight!


On my mission to experience the height of fulfilling musical greatness, had to witness the height of the new level that A$AP Ferg and Torey Lanez wants us to endevour along their journey of the Level Up Tour! 


At Royal Oak Music Theatre A$AP FERG and Torey Lanez has showed us the higher level where they plan to take their music, and how much they appreciate their fans support! With the unexpected crowd surf,  Torey Lanez proved us all that we should expect him to not let up on building his way to the top! He even gave us a second of what real music is to him in a 90s R&B throwback session, which was one of my favorite parts of the show. Torey’s energy has clearly shown that he’s ready to prove to the world who he is through his own sound of cultured R&B. Something about those Toronto men!

The ‘I’m on a new level’ rapper A$AP Ferg, has managed to also make this statement a true one by releasing all inhibitions welcoming everyone to witness the rawness in representing himself, and also paid a tribute to the late A$AP Mob member, A$AP Yams. Ferg wholeheartedly performed his newest singles “Im on a new level” and “Line up the flex” featuring fellow tour mate Torey Lanez. Without a doubt you know they had the whole show LIT!! Here’s some clips to prove it!

Listen in! A$AP Ferg and Torey Lanez new single ‘Line up the flex‘ below!


Hey there social bees! Here again with the music buzz and Its been a while since we’ve heard a dope GOOD Music track wouldn’t you agree?! For those who don’t follow Kanye’s work that’s ok! Don’t worry, we’ll put you on real quick 😉 In 2012, Kanye’s label GOOD Music released a collective album titled Cruel Summer with artists on his label such as Detroit’s own Big Sean, Pusha T, Teyanna Taylor, 2 Chains and more. This album featured songs such as ‘Mercy’ and ‘Clique’. 4 Years has passed since the last GOOD Music project, and since then it’s left us all      hungry for more of Yeezy’s creative collabs!


This past weekend, GOOD Music reunited unexpectedly at NYC’s Summer Jam ’16 performing the new GOOD Music soon to be hit, ‘Champions’ !  This highly anticipated reunion took the height of the concert, leaving everyone in awe channeling the power of musical greatness! The new single includes GOOD Music artists Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chains, Travis Scott, and Desiigner! Not included in the performance was Yo Gotti, Quavo, and Gucci Mane making this his first big collab since his release! Yeezy never disappoints! This was just an appetizer to get us ready for the next GOOD project!

If you haven’t heard the new single ‘Champions’  you know I have here for you to listen 😉 Check it out, and let’s not forget to wish Yeezy  a happy birthday! 👑


Hey social bees! It’s been a minute for the music scene, and I’m back with more honey! This past Saturday at Chene Park,  Detroit welcomed Mr. Trap Soul himself Bryson Tiller! As a huge fan of Tiller’s journey, It was a beyond wonderful experience to be in the presence of such a humble soul and “exchange” a genuine connection!

imageAt Bryson’s afterparty, the anticipation and satisfaction of Tiller’s arrival was exhilarating and raged with excitement, surrounding him with love and “snap chats” for the man of the hour! Tiller was accompanied by his team and management, Neil Dominique who I also had the pleasure of speaking with. We’re looking forward to more of Tiller’s Trap Soul music!

Check out Bryson Tiller’s music video for his latest single “Exhange”!



Back at it again with Dope Detroit Music!!


Being the music junkie I am you know I had to step on the music scene again this weekend for another “Dope Detroit Music” show! The first show has set the bar, and now I’m curious to see who’s REALLY about that word play and stage presence! Aren’t you?

The highly anticipated 2nd dose of Dope Detroit Music showcase came back at it again with a serious line up with artists such as Fuzz, Mark Will, Trilla George, and Kulture to name the least. What I noticed all these artists have in common is their “Art of Hustle“, relentless freedom through expression of their lyrics, and TRUTH! The truth in music is what captures us. It’s something we all can relate to, and if you live and breathe music, you’ll recognize it right away. Nonetheless, this is what a showcase is all about and we look forward to hearing more of Dope.Detroit.Music!

Here are some recaps of this weekend’s show in Highland Park! Stay tuned for future updates!


East Atlanta’s very own Roderick Davis A.K.A the infamous rapper Gucci Mane, was released yesterday from an Indiana Federal Correctional Facility after completing 3 years from violating probation. The highly anticipated release of Gucci has been discussed earlier this year but not confirmed, and now that he’s back Gucci’s fans are dying to hear the rappers first come back fresh out!

Screenshot_2016-05-27-22-43-56-1Long time girlfriend, Keyshia Kaoir, awaited Gucci through his sentence welcoming him home with a brand new Maybach! Talk about a true rider! We all witnessed her excitement and love for Gucci since his release and it’s been nothing but a pleasure to see. We all wish them the best of luck!

Gucci wasted NO time with those bars! He’s back to give us what we’ve all been waiting for the day after his release. Go check out Gucci’s new project “First Day Out The Feds” on SoundCloud. Welcome home Gucci, we wish you the best of luck!

What are your thoughts on Gucci Mane’s release and the support from Keyshia Kaoir?



It’s the beginning of another dope summer in the D, and of course we have to give the music junkies a place to get a hit of some “Dope Detroit Music”! Dope Detroit Music and Billionaire by Confidence has kicked off the first showcase of the summer May 17th at the Bathtub Pub, which served us a real, pungent HIT of what hip hop should feel and sound like.

This locale for the Detroit artist oozed creativity and raw talent , allowing these artists to display their passion for music with every lyric and step. Creator of “Dope Detroit Music” HBKTC is student of Western Michigan University and has an obvious passion for music/raw talent, and we’re all looking forward to another showcase hit of some Dope.Detroit.Music! All music junkies tune in for an update for the next Dope Detroit Music Showcase May 28th!